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An Ineffective project manager will lead his team to create overhead and be a burden to his business, especially at industries that need to stay focused on fast changing and quickly deliver high-quality services such as technology and healthcare industry.

I saw this firsthand when joining a new team at the previous company when it has a project with a clinic that applies mobile application on delivering healthcare services. I received a friendly welcome from the lead Androids engineer who had been making the case for a project manager on the team for months. But, the lead iOS engineer made a point to keep me out of the way.

What is the reason for the difference? Probably because the Android engineer is an effective project manager, while the other had not. As the great project manager, the Android engineer handled all of the work packages and allocated effectively tasks to team members. Then, no more reviewing the 1,000+ ticket backlog in JIRA, no more scheduling and facilitating scrum ceremonies, and no more managing the client with never-ending requirements.

Besides it, the iOS engineer had to follow up with the client team directly for clarification on requirements rather than being freed from frequently talking with them. It is because of the copied and pasted from an email by the PM. Not only this, lots of meetings were created to keep tracks, inform and divide tasks and scrum ceremonies became extravagant affairs, and then more time was spent for the meeting than actually getting work done.

For team members, a great PM is the one who can make their life easier by runs fast meetings, removes blockers, owns requirements and talks to the client. Otherwise, this is what a “bad” project manager be described by them.

So, even I trust on the high qualified skills of the lead iOS engineer, I am still impressed by the Android engineer, who acted as my advocate and was critical in getting me ramped up on the product. I learned a lot about what it means to be an effective project manager – one that teams look forward to working with.


And now, here are 6 tips to help you can ensure that you don’t become a “bad” project manager in the eyes of your team members:.


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