“Savvycom technical strength
is wonderful. Lets continue to
a better work with each other
Shigeki Sakamoto – HOYU CEO!
Information Technology has fundamentally
transformed the ways we can improve and
enhance our lives, especially when it comes to
education. This technology has already changed
virtually all aspects of the educational environment,
but only recently has the incorporation of mobile
applications become of interest to educators and
technology providers. HOYU identified a need in
the marketplace for an easy-to-use tool that could
facilitate real-time interaction between teachers
and students, creating educational opportunities
that would otherwise be impossible.
As a result, with the invaluable input of multiple
potential end users, Savvycom engineers have
helped create PDF Editor, an interactive e-book
solution with smart integration that functions as
both a website and a mobile application. Creating
an e-book with smoothly integrated and interactive
elements like Adobe Indesign is complicated, and
theoretically requires professional skills.
HOYU Interactive PDF Editor
Digitalized Teaching App
Provides teachers
with the ability to
send assignments and
due dates to students
Enables students to receive
grades and comments right
on the app; enables one-on-
one interaction with
teachers for questions and
Allows users to create
an E-book in PDF
format with rich
media content.
Its not just a technical project, its a revolutionary teaching
and study solution
Improve Teaching & Learning Process
Teachers and students can make notes,
create and send comments, and handwrite
notes directly on the e-books. This process
forms a valuable conduit between students
and teachers and allows the efficient
exchange of ideas and joint responsibility for
the learning process.
Abundant content
Instead of printing and selling traditional,
publishers with the Authorizing tool can
produce completed books that contain
images, video and audio files. This adds
dynamic and interactive properties that
traditional printed materials just can’t
compete with.
A new teaching style
Teachers can give assignments to individual
students and set deadlines for each one. All
comments and marks can be written directly
to the PDF files. Students can also receive
their teachers’ marks and comments from the
mobile app, and can send their questions
and comments back to their teacher.
Providing qualified materials
To protect the materials and users, we
prioritize copyright protection issue with AES
algorithms to encrypt and secure book
contents. Authorized users are then able to
open, edit and update new versions of e-
To create a technology through which any
user, regardless of skill level, could drag
and drop different types of media into an
e-book that could then be presented as a
finished project in PDF format, we began
a new technology project now known as
HOYU PDF Editor.
This tool allows PDF files to be converted
into HTML5 and JavaScript; publishers to
add images, video,audio files seamlessly.
Any changes subsequently required can
downloaded quickly, as unchanged data
is not rewritten which optimizes transfer
speeds. Being an e-book, this tool
requires a large amount of storage space.
The editor employs cloud-based storage
and computing, establishing a virtual
“store” containing an unlimited number of
e-books & other learning materials. This
also allows author to create and update
PDF books right on the web, meanwhile
enabling teachers to interact with
students through the mobile app to
provide coaching and feedback.