“Savvycom has gone above
and beyond the traditional
engagement of vendors.
We really can’t even tell the
distinction between where
Savvycom begins and Jio
ends. Its been a wonderful
Raghu Rai, CEO Jio Health!
A collaboration between Jio Health and Savvycom
brings to healthcare markets the next generation
healthcare services with mobile technologies. The
modern technologies overcomes physical and
geography restrictions to allow doctors and
patients to communicate in real-life times. The new
approach does not only improve quality but also
cut down costs for healthcare services. The app
introduced by Jio Health and Savvycom is a life-
saver for patients with limited accessing to medical
From the novel healthcare concept proposed by Jio
Health, Savvycom lay-outed a technology solution
to convert the concept into reality. Savvycom
software engineers build a healthcare system with
the most modern mobile technologies for both iOS
and Android platforms. We integrated in the app
comprehensive functions to maximum convenience
in uses for both physicians and patients. In short,
Savvycom delivered a full-pack comprehensive
system from the principle concept provided by Jio
Jio Health - A breakthrough in
healthcare industry
All-in-one for better
real time healthcare
services and
Integration wearable
technology devices to
optimize health track
progress with deep
High technology
WebRTC allowing high
quality communications
online between doctors
and patients
More than a healthcare project, its a life empowerment.
Connected Devices - E-visits & Medical Consultation.
Never miss a Dose
Jio organizes your medication list into an
intuitive daily schedule. Receive timely
remainders to take medications
Halo - Caregiving full circle
Share your progress with family & friends &
invite them on your journey. Secured access
your loved one’s health data, medications and
Track progress: Sync data from your favorite
fitness devices, access trends & insights and
share your progress with physicians for better
“ Jio created a mobile solution to help nearly
2,000 members take control of their healthcare