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Ruby on rails 2013 As the quickly development of IT and the widely spread out of using Ruby on Rails (ROR) programming language, the future of RoR is rather clear now. At the moment, this is one of the most developed tech in the IT field, which answered the question why a lot of online applications are created with its supports.

Many developers tend to use this particular language for creating their programs, this is rather comfortable as the popular language is well known by the different developers and they can pass the programs to each other to upgrade or make some valuable changes easily and in a convenient way.

Image The language has the simple syntax, which is why it’s not too hard to learn and use it. The awesome amount of tutorials helps greatly as well. The online developers consider Ruby on Rails language to be rather handy to use, mostly for the ability to include the small ready parts of the code. With this even the experienced developer feels like saving a lot of time, while the beginner gets this option as a true salvation as now they don’t have to write all the code on their own. Read more: Scalability of Ruby on Rails

Additionally, there are regular updates in the software as the future of Ruby on Rails programming, which is why the developers appreciate dealing with this new application. Moreover, a lot of rather powerful OOP features attract their attention. You can create the models in a form of objects and modify them to your liking.

After the changes are done, database developer can save them in the database and delete the moment you feel like you don’t need them anymore. This particular framework obtains sessions and security along with the injections of SQL and XSS. Especially still the best is that the possibility to create the optimized queries of SQL in a really short time.

To sum up, Ruby on Rails is growing up and gaining its successes in IT field at the moment. Let’s await and see new functions in the next version Rails 4.0.

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