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Our beautiful CEO - Ms Van Dang rewards “Best employee of the quarter”
Our beautiful CEO – Ms Van Dang rewards “Best employee of the quarter”

As usual, a list of Savvycom best employees in two first quarters has just been released. Four Savvycom members with excellence performance and contribution to the company lately became the owners of newest Savvycom’s LIVE Award (Award of Leadership + Initiative & Value-Added Enterprise) and Extra Mile Award. The awards were bestowed in Savvycom Summer Meeting 26th July 2014.

Two young, dynamic and talented of Savvycom Family
Ms Phuong Nguyen & Ms Quynh Nguyen – Two young, dynamic and talented ladies

Two ladies Quynh Nguyen and Phuong Nguyen gained the LIVE Award. Ms. Quynh is a very famous figure in the company, who done her job very well in monitoring and plan out company activities. Besides that, Ms. Phuong also deserves this award because of her effort to initiate and maintain Savvycom Badminton Club and English Club – the clubs which aims at improving Savvycom members’ health and English capability.

Our creative & stylish graphic designer - Mr Manh Dam
Our creative & stylish graphic designer – Mr Manh Dam

The Extra Miles Award this time belonged to two gentlemen Manh Dam and Diep Nguyen. For Mr. Diep, this award is to acknowledge his major contribution in several important projects. Mr. Manh – brilliant designer of Savvycom – has proved his significant role in designing all of Savvycom’s Web and Mobile projects. He is always ready to cooperate with other departments, especially the marketing team. Savvycom’s creative marketing materials are totally designed by him. Savvycom’s LIVE Award and Extra Mile Award are the recognitions of our company to individuals who have significant contributions to the company’s operation, announced twice per year in semi-annual and annual meetings.


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