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On August 31st 2017, the conference on the Australian Market was held by VNITO Alliance which exists to gather Vietnam software outsourcing companies and create an effective bridge between the ITO/BPO community and the government. This sharing successfully did take place at the Seta International Office, level 11 HL. Building, alley No. 82 Duy Tan street, Dinh Vong Hau area, Cau Giay district.

VNITO’s Conference on the Australian Market

When many enterprises displayed interest in the Australian Market, a strongly emerging market in the Asia-Pacific region with a significantly promising potential, the sharing was highly essential. The purpose of the sharing was to provide up-to-date, insightful information about the Australian Market including opportunities, challenges and how to reach this market. The helpful event included talks by experienced CEOs and keynote speakers such as Ms. Thanh Van Dang – CEO Savvycom JCS., Mr. Vu Hung – CEO Seta International, and Mr. Kien – CEO QSoft and other members.


Each attendant did make a contribution to the success of the sharing. As an IT Expert & Computer Science Alumnus from the University of Sydney, Ms. Van Dang – Savvycom’s CEO shared useful information about the Australia IT market such as Exponential technologies are changing Australian businesses and industries, future demand for ICT workers and skills is expected to be high.

After the conferences on the Singaporean Market and Australian Market, many members and businesses hopefully expect next sharings on other markets.


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