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Savvycom is delighted to announce that Savvycom CEO – Ms. Van Dang – has been nominated among Top Most Outstanding Vietnam Start-up Entrepreneurs in 2016. The award is the Vietnamese government’s recognition for her relentless efforts in striving the company to success for the past 6 years.

Ms. Van Dang in ao dai
Ms. Van Dang wearing “aodai” – a Vietnamese women traditional costume – when receive the award

This award is one of our government’s long-term attempts to boost the entreprenurs spirit and can-do attitude among the Vietnamese youngsters. Every year, it shines a light on the best individuals with outstanding business achievement across various economic categories. 2016 nominated candidates has contributed to Vietnam 2015 total revenue of about 4,554 billion, a 47.4% growth compared to 2014. It is so fascinating that all of this contribution are made by many CEO, Board of Directors with the age under 35, holding a key role in their growing businesses. Van Dang, Savvycom CEO commented; “I am honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award. It is also a statement to my endeavors in bringing high service quality to my clients. I hope that this accomplishment, my success today, would encourage women to unhesitately chase their dreams, no matter how many difficulties ahead”.

Savvycom CEO - Ms. Van Dang
Savvycom CEO – Ms. Van Dang

6 years ago, Van Dang – current Savvycom CEO – had made a life-changing decision, yet stayed true to her heart: to establish an offshore software vendor aiming at becoming a long-term strategic partner by delivering high quality services. Despite many objections about how risky it is for a women to build her own company, and how unreal the idea may be, Van still stayed affirmed with her passion. After 6 years, the achivement of her non-stop journey with the founder team has shown how right her choice was. More than 300 successful projects delivered, 92% returning clients and all client’s positive feedbacks are the most powerful evidences showing how far Van has gone. Despite being the only women in Savvycom leadership team, she was the one who has carried the whole company through ups and downs, then strived to greatness. In this men-oriented, tough industry; Van has created a miracle. “This woman has an amazing determation. Van would try effortlessly to achieve whatever she commited to do. We all admire her for that.” – said Savvycom COO, Minh Nguyen. Today, Van is among only a few young Vietnam women entrepreneurs that achive success in the IT Industry. She has truly become a model for woman success – who rose beyond the society perception of women, and relentlessly chased her dreams.

Ms. Van with her beloved Savvycom family in its sixth birthday.
Ms. Van with her beloved Savvycom family in its sixth birthday.

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