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Idea Marathon - an annual contest hosted by Savvycom
Idea Marathon – an annual contest hosted by Savvycom

We are glad to announce that the winner of Idea Marathon has been found after the strenuous finalists: Hieu Nguyen with “Sale-Off” application!

This year, the event “Idea Marathon” is warmly responded by all Savvycomers with total 24 projects involved. The scale of this season is remarkably improved as both quantity and quality compared to the last contest. With the persuasive triumph in the finalists, Hieu Nguyen won the prize of $100 with his “Sale-off” as the “Flying Idea of the year”.

“Sale-off” app: strange but familiar

This idea is generated from the fact that all consumers are wishful to have information on sales and promotion campaigns of many stores and brands. Therefore, “Sale-off” would be a helpful application working as a “Sale-off map” for users in which they can search items based on category, area, a level of promotions… Moreover, users could update information themselves and set the notification on for some specific stores or brands. Though this idea is not new, Hieu Chi Nguyen has gained lot of advantages with the thoroughly solution and exploit conspectus, especially in the info confirmation process. “I hope to build a closer bridge connecting retailers and customers and contribute much value to the community with “Sale-off”.” – Hieu said.

Idea Marathon 2015
Ms Van Dang – CEO of Savvycom rewards for Hieu Nguyen – the winner of Savvycom Idea Marathon 2015

Idea Marathon: Let your creativity fly!

Every Savvycomer has always been passionate about creating excellent apps and delivering enjoyable experiences. The contest “Idea Marathon” was internally hosted by Savvycom as a playing field for innovative ideas and clear-headed minds where staffs from all departments can join. The contest breaks into 3 major rounds: preliminary, supportive training and finalists. All projects related to the web or mobile app/ solutions are welcomed with the main criteria of usability, uniqueness and profitability.

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