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“I have worked with him for 2 years and never stop admiring him.”

This compliment represents the appreciation of a Savvycom senior for Mr. Tue Nguyen – Solution Architect at the company. Tue was one of very first Savvycom members. With the founder team, he set solid initial steps for our company. Tue has won the Employee of the Year award for 7 consecutive years. It’s time to know more about this incredible guy.

What drove you to become a solution architect?

It was 2 years ago, my 4th year working at Savvycom. At that time, I had undergone numerous projects and had worked with different clients. Many of them had come to us with only vague ideas in their hands. We needed to consult them and recommend technology. I found it interesting to work both with clients and technical team to find out the best solution that satisfies project requirements and results in more effective operation.

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What interests you the most about this job?

As a technology lover, I love everything about this job. I have been keen on complex problem solving and providing the latest technological solutions that fit those problems. I am also drawn to learn new technology. As you know, technology is moving so fast that requires you to learn new skills to stay up-to-date as a software architect. The to-do list seems never ends.

Have you ever been under so much pressure that you want to give up? Can you share some lessons learnt after overcoming those hard times?

The nature of my job requires me to constantly study and update the latest knowledge. However, there were times that I delivered less optimal solutions. With every mistake made, I always consider it as a chance to learn and to do better when encountering other projects. Blog

As IT is now among the hottest sectors in Vietnam, many young people want to pursue a career in software engineering? Do you have any advice for fresh graduate students?

As any fresh-graduated, I had suffered hard times after being kicked out of college. Actual work wasn’t like what I had imagined. Real work experience was far different what from I had learnt in college. My advice is to accept challenges without hesitation, you will gain precious and useful experience in the end. Do what you have never done before, get out of your comfort-zone, trust yourself along the way. Work with passion and you will surely succeed.

What do you remember the most in your first few years with Savvycom?

My first few years at Savvycom was really unforgettable. Back then, I worked as a Java developer. I had little knowledge on mobile development and never prepared for it. Everything changed when a German customer brought an iPod Touch then told us to develop an application for it. That first time using iPod touch and iOS operating system intrigued and brought me a lot of excitement. Since then, I have been engaged

You have been involved in many mobile app projects. What is your favourite one?

I would say Camellia. This is an iOS app that allows users to process and manage PDF files with many features. The project helped me gain a lot of experience, from design applications (software architecture design), 2D graphics processing to data synchronisation. There were times that new technical difficulties arose that seemed unable to resolve. However, after so many efforts not to mention client’s generous support, my team finished the project with excellent results, beyond client’s expectations.

What does other colleague say about Tue:

“Tue has an amazing ability to enduring pressure. As a team leader, he is very dedicated. Once there were unfamiliar technical issues arising in our project. It had never happened before, and we couldn’t figure out the solution. However, Tue got the key to solving problems. His solution amazed the whole team for how creative and efficient it was. With colleagues, Tue was a helpful and enthusiastic co-worker. Personally, I enjoy working with him”.

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