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International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM/ICPC) has always been a globally well-known and reputable programming contest since 1970. It was first adopted in Vietnam by Post of Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) in 2010 and now has become an annual event. The rules and regulations of the contest in Vietnam were imposed on the basis of the original contest. After the previous success, PTIT continued hosting this 4th event in order to raise the awareness and interest among students in programming. savvycom ict contest

Winners on stage receiving prizes

This year, Savvycom Software Company was the main sponsor of the contest. Being an IT firm, not only Savvycom Software provided funds for the contest but they also supported the participants with programming knowledge. The funding was used in organizing the event as well as for the rewards. Students participating in the contest had the chance to open so many career opportunities at Savvycom and to exchange programming knowledge with experts from Savvycom Software Company.

This 4th programming contest was held on Sunday March 31st, 2013 and had attracted 246 students from 82 teams throughout Vietnam. The strengths of many teams were shown in all difficult tasks. Leading the competition was PTIT POSTMAN Team, who excellently completed 8 tasks given in the duration of 759 minutes. Following in second place was Hackintosh team with 7 tasks accomplished. There are 47 teams having succeeded in solving 6 tasks or more and all the remaining teams completed at least 1 task. Judges appreciated the effort of both 82 teams. At the end of the competition, there were 2 co-first-place awards, 4 seconds, 9 thirds and 10 fourth places, 1 for amateur and 4 sub-awards. The two teams got the first title were PTIT POSTMAN team and Hackintosh team.


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