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Every quarter, Savvycom holds a meeting to summarize the work results of the company during the previous period. This time, the Summer Meeting 2012, with the theme “Esprit de corps – The pride of team spirit”, was organized, to sum up, the achievement of the first half of the year 2012 and open up another period with full of optimism and novelty. The event occurred at Venus Palace – 461 Nguyen Khang Street, Hanoi.

Ever since its foundation, teamwork has always been a big part of our community. In this Summer Meeting, we hence paid tribute to the team spirit that brings massive fruition to the success of our projects in the past, now, and in the future. Each individual here is proficient, and each of us never stops giving our best for the sake of the company. The combination of all significant individuals creates magnificent teamwork – the backbone that glues us all together and makes us a small-but-strong community. With ‘teamwork’ as the theme, we aim at strengthening the team spirit of the entity and encouraging more participation in team activities in the future.


All Savvycom members gathered together in Summer Meeting 2012

In this event, we honoured our four most noble employees for their wholehearted devotion at work. Nguyen Van Tue, with his perfect attendance and outstanding dependability, was awarded as the most exemplary employee. The prize “Most professional employee” belonged to Nguyen Tien Dat with his superior performance, unending dedication and supportive leadership. Dau Quoc Toan, who keeps striving for excellence, was recognized as the most potential employee. Pham Thi Hien was awarded for her impressive progress and successful accomplishments. And Nguyen Hai Anh was honoured for her creativity, energy and spirit. It’s a regret she couldn’t attend this meeting with us. Surprised and moved by the prize, Toan said “I don’t know what to say, I don’t know why. I will try harder to keep you all proud of me”.

savvycom-meeting (2)

Female Savvycom employees

savvycom-meeting (3)

Employee was awarded for their impressive progress and successful accomplishments

Apart from those five awards, many other prizes were granted to praise restless contribution, effort and creativity of our other marvellous employees as well as the success of our challenging projects.

With the participant of all Savvycom members and the entertaining group performances from our very own talented employees, the meeting brought to all attendants a night full of joy and laughter.


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