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Savvycom’s CEO at the “Entrepreneur Women-Leadership and Dedication ”On 23rd March 2017, Ms. Van Dang, one of Forbes 15 Global Leaders to Watch in 2017, participated in the event “Entrepreneur Women – Leadership and Dedication” in Ha Noi as a member of the Hanoi Association of Women Entrepreneurs (HNEW).

Founded in 2008, HNEW is a legal entity occupational social organization for the capital entrepreneur women of different economic sectors to support and connect businesswomen to exchange and share business skills. HNEW is also a Member of the Vietnam Association for Women Entrepreneurs (VAWE).

Entrepreneur Women- Leadership and Dedication program

The event is hosted by Communication and Marketing Solutions (MS) industry group under HNEW, collaborated with Crestcom and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Entrepreneur Women - Be the rhino ambassador
Entrepreneur Women – Be the rhino ambassador

At the event under the theme “Entrepreneur Women – Leadership and Dedication”, participants shared and discussed 10 essential leadership skills in order to enhance the capacity of entrepreneur women in more professional business management and development. With the aim of “Make our lives better”, the event has brought a very interesting and meaningful knowledge around the second topic “Entrepreneur Women – Be the rhino ambassador”. Viet Nam is one of the world’s largest markets for rhino horn. But many people in Viet Nam don’t realize that rhinos could be extinct within just ten years – as the growing market for rhino horn in Viet Nam pushes these beautiful animals to extinction.

Businesswomen have shared their awareness and desire to become rhino ambassadors to say no to the rhino horn trade and spread the message to their friends, families, and peers.

In agreement with the event, Savvycom always puts forth an effort to tackle all aspects of the illegal wildlife trade through various activities including education. “Save the Rhino Viet Nam” is our flagship awareness to sake every living thing, including ourselves.

“By reaching out, we show we care”

Let’s check out the highlights of Savvycom’s CEO – Ms. Van Dang, during the event activities.

Savvycom’s CEO at the “Entrepreneur Women – Leadership and Dedication”
Savvycom’s CEO at the “Entrepreneur Women-Leadership and Dedication”
HNEW at “Entrepreneur Women-–-Leadership and Dedication”

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