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Periodic Health Examination – this is an annual activity which is conducted for all contractual and permanent Savvycom’s employees with the main purpose is to identify health risks and educational materials and referrals to improve their health. This is also to make sure that all staff members at Savvycom can enjoy good mental and physical health in work. This year, the Routine Health Check is conducted in mid of October by Savvycom JSC in co-operation with Thu Cuc International General Hospital located at Thuy Khue St, Hanoi city.

It includes a comprehensive review of medical history; lifestyle assessment; review of current health status; physical examination and an extensive range of screening tests. Following the evaluation, each employee will meet with a physician for a personal consultation who will discuss the results provide recommendations, coordinate follow up care and expert opinions if they required. This event is held very successfully with the presense of the whole company. All Savvycom members are really excited in this periodic health check through some of them felt a little bit nervous before getting the result tests. “I just want to say thanks to Savvycom JSC for this activity. The periodic checkup tells us what we are doing wrong with our bodies. So it is much more than just a simple series of clinical tests; it is a rare opportunity for you to learn more about your own body and gain the inspiration to improve your health and quality of life”, said by Mr Minh, COO of Savvycom.


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