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The last year remarked another flourishing year of Savvycom. To close a successful 2015 and welcome 2016, on 9th January 2015, a party was held at Aquaria Center with the full participation of Savvycom’s members. This is an important annual event for Savvycom to review and share its achievements during the past year as well as propose goals of 2016. Savvycom people took a big picture together In the cozy and open atmosphere of the party, Ms. Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom, gave opening remarks to officially welcome all participants and expressed her happiness for the company’s great growth. She also showed her sincere appreciation to Savvycom-ers who greatly contributed to successes of the company.

Our CEO – Ms. Van Dang shared her thoughts on the development of Savvycom in 2015

Following the opening speech, Mr. Minh Nguyen, COO of Savvycom reported on outstanding achievements of a company in 2015, which notably were “Vietnam Outsourcing Excellence 2015” and “Distinguished People” award. He also presented the company objectives in 2016 in terms of growth, talents, innovation and social contribution. “The year of 2015 is a huge milestone of Savvycom that we have received many awards and recognitions. This is a year of growth, of conquering challenges and of happiness” said Minh.

Our COO – Mr. Minh reported on achievements of Savvycom throughout the year

The meeting was also an opportunity to reward excellent individuals and teams of Savvycom who got excellent performance in 2015. On this special occasion, nine members and crews were recognized, who are:

  • The Mountain Movers Award – Back Office Team
  • The Avengers Award – Locfood Team
  • The Mission Impossible Award – PDF team
  • The Geek Pro Award – Nguyen Van Tue
  • Little Miss Sunshine – Bui Thanh Trang
  • Fly High Award – Nguyen Trung Duc
  • Above and Beyond Award – Le Quang Vinh
  • The Customer’s Most Favorite Award – Bui The Son
  • Workshop of the year – Nguyen Thi Thu Huong

The party featured humorous MCs, and colorful artistic performances including dance and solos that won loud applause from all participants. Especially, the lucky draw pushed the whole party atmosphere to a climax. This was a really exciting event. It is not only an annual meeting where people gather and talk but also a chance to show the high level of solidarity among our members. Let’s have a look at some moments of our fantastic 2015 year-end party:

A Roly Poly Dance performance from a young and energetic band named the Ugly Chickens.
The five most excellent employees took a picture with our chairman, Mr. Vinh Le
The top five excellent employees of Savvycom recieved their awards from Savvycom Chairman, Mr. Vinh Le
Team Back Office – The Mountain Movers Award
Team Locfood - The Avengers Award
Team Locfood – The Avengers Award
Team PDF - The Mission Impossible Award
Team PDF – The Mission Impossible Award

The year-end event also featured a lot of food, beverages and lucky draw.

We celebrated our year-end at a cozy place
The winners of
The winners of “The Hunger Puzzle Game” received their gifts from Mr. Minh

Check out more photos of the night at our Facebook page here.

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