Design trend is constantly changing for both Mobile and Web Development. It is quite obvious that there are 2 things that concerns dynamic entrepreneurs the most at this moment: The “Simple is Better” concept; and the rapid increase for portable devices. Fortunately, the evolvement for recent technology has provided us brilliant solutions: Responsive Design and Flat Design.

1. Responsive Design – A one-size-fits-all solution


Responsive Design is the practice of designing a site to resize and adapt automatically to all functions across multiple screen sizes, which has been widely apply for website development recently. By automatically adjusting the layout, a responsive design website works in the same way and shows exactly the same information on the screen no matter what kind of smart phone you are using. As per graphic design, usually at least 3 layouts for web, tablet and mobile will be necessary, but the launching efforts will be significantly cut down. Therefore, optimizing your website with responsive design requires just small effort, but the value it brings is considerable.

2. Flat Design – No more décors, no more glamor

FlatJust a back-step to basics in functionality, it is a combination of simplification, grid layout, big fonts and color-blocked interface. Started from the operating system Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft, it is now more favored with the “Simple is Better” concept. Additionally, Flat Design presents clear layouts, less decoration, less interaction levels and easy-to-read typography. This style combined with simpler interfaces and more minimalist layouts can make the difference between someone coming to your site for the pretty custom graphics and definitely strengthens websites and mobile applications with content focus. At Savvycom, we believe that understanding the audience expectation and changes in design is always crucial to web and mobile development. This is our motivation to create professional design patterns and bring the success to your business.

Interactive Design – Surprise your audience with smooth animation.


Since 2011, when the Parallax scrolling first initiated, Savvycom has strived on catching this new tech tendency. Websites with parallax backgrounds are being more and more popular strategy for many of our clients. As far as they concerned, it is a simple way to hold the flexibility of the Web. By Using the Parallax allows for the creation of dynamic, interactive user experience that has the potential to improve visual appeal. In addition, navigation and clicks required for an end user to consume the content has been reduced since the Parallax empowers content producers to perform content on a single page. Mastering his type of design, Savvycom UX expert drives audiences around the web and app in a way of your intention.