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Our UX/UI design services are offered at a competitive price while maintaining a high level of quality. Thanks to a signed NDA, aside from the good price-to-quality ratio, your ideas are safe with us. We also provide complete transparency during our collaboration and embed the communication process.
Increase conversion rate
Our UX/UI design services include extensive research of the industry, market, and target audience to create a top product with user-centric navigation and engaging interfaces.
Improve App Usability
The key to success is simplicity! Our UX/UI design team meticulously examines the customer journey to reduce the number of steps required to achieve the desired result and ensure that every detail of your app's design is flawless.
Lead You To Result
You will gain a competitive advantage over similar products in your niche using our approaches, practices, and experience in UI & UX design services.
Saves Time & Money
Cuts the cost of time and money on building incorrect features and eliminates flow issues early.
Allows Precise Planning
Creates input materials for project planning to estimate how much time is needed for implementation.

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Savvycom UI/UX Design Process

01. Target audience identification

Our experts will precisely define your customer profile, which will serve as the foundation for the subsequent UX/UI design and product implementation steps.

After evaluating the target audience, the app design can then be created with the appropriate stylistics, navigation flow, size and display of elements, and so on.

02. Competitor analysis

Our UI/UX design firm defines its weak and strong points for strategic product positioning based on the competitor services overview.

As a result, a UX/UI design that stands out due to visually appealing interfaces, improved usability, and specific functionality is created.

03. Review of existing design material

Our UX/UI design firm can review and provide detailed feedback on any design materials you already have (e.g., sketches, wireframes, mockups). If these elements meet the required criteria, the UX/UI design creation process narrows and becomes more cost-effective.

As a result, the number of steps involved in UX/UI design services is reduced, as is the project timeline and cost.

04. Filling out UI/UX & brand questionnaires

As the business owner, your feedback is invaluable in determining which design elements (e.g., colors, layouts, fonts, etc.) should be used in the product.

Our team gets an idea of your company’s required UI/UX design services by filling out the specially designed questionnaire.

05. Timeline & cost estimation

We estimate the amount of work required to complete your project’s user experience and user interface during the initial stages of our collaboration with our UX/UI design firm.

We first evaluate all possible details and project materials to give the most accurate timeline and cost estimation for UX/UI design services.

06. Drawing sketches

Our user experience consultants may recommend drawing sketches to highlight potential challenges and eliminate the system’s pitfalls if the product has complex functionality or many user roles.

This process ensures high product usability during the early stages, but it also significantly reduces the cost of mistakes.

07. Building wireframes

The creation of UX wireframes, which can be compared to the skeleton of the entire project layout, is one of the most important UX/UI design services.

To ensure the best user experience inside your product, our team creates wireframes with efficient system flow, precise user navigation, the correct element locations, and compliance with the platform’s standards.

08. Creating a user interface

Constructing the user interface is another important UX/UI design service. Color schemes, layouts, typography, iconography, and the overall atmosphere of the product are all reflected in the UI design mockups.

Based on the previously collected requirements, user interviews, design polls, and other factors, our team creates 2-3 different style options for you to choose from and ensures the suitability of all these aspects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our user experience design services can help you turn all of your ideas into reality by utilizing the most up-to-date tools and technologies while staying on schedule. UX design is essential because it makes your product appealing to users while also meeting their needs and providing a positive experience. It assists you in maintaining user loyalty to your brand and the services/products you provide.

Today, companies from various industries attempt to create personalized approaches and offers to satisfy their customers; UX design is about understanding and prioritizing their needs. Savvycom’s team makes it possible by utilizing the most up-to-date tools and technological solutions. We develop simple, easy-to-use software that aids in the definition of the user journey on your website or app.

Our team of skilled designers creates meaningful UX design conducive to business success and benefits both your business and your users.

Savvycom provides user interface services to businesses that want to convert visitors to their websites and apps into customers. The user interface (UI) improves your software’s responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility by facilitating interactions between users and websites or apps. Our designers have a decade of experience in this field. They can assist businesses in making their products stylish and appealing and creating unique and recognizable visual elements, high-quality graphic elements, exciting animation, and transitions.

We prefer user interface elements that are simple and clear but unique enough to draw in users. Designers ensure the interface isn’t too busy; it’s simple to use and allows for natural interaction. When UX assists users in achieving their objectives, UI establishes a link between the user and the service provider.

Our UI designers strive to increase brand awareness to help your company improve customer satisfaction, improve user interaction, and grow and enhance your business.

The cornerstone of any software is the user experience, which deals with the product’s functionality and purpose. UI services refer to the user interface and are concerned with the user’s visual connection to a digital product.

The timeline is determined by various factors, including requirements, design service rates, software complexity, screen count, and so on. A screen with a simple and laconic design of standard elements takes 1.5-2.5 hours to create, and subordinate screens take 30-40 minutes. This process can take 2-3 hours for each unique screen for more complex design and UI/UX design services.

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