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123631397_640 One of the most traditional but most frequently asked questions of app building process is should the app be simple or complex? What make the application more successful – simplicity or complexity?

Let’s go with UX simplicity


In extend of design and user experience (UX), a simple-looking UX generally receives more praise than a complex-looking one. This is so obvious that you don’t have to be a UX practitioner to understand. A simply designed app with functions integrated smartly takes people less time to make use of these functions.

Unquestionably, there is beauty in a clean and functional interface. So, simplify things and let your customer see that beauty. However, an extreme simple app seems not a good option as users may consider the app is not useful enough. A news-reading app that totally filled with words from daily news is more boring than a counterpart integrated with further features like bookmarking, highlighting or making a collection of news that reader is interested.

Complexity is also vital

Despite the attractiveness of simplicity discussed above, mobile app developer and designer have to recognize that simplicity is deceptive. An app that looks simple – or own a simple UX – are not built simply at all. For example, in order to make the app enable setting up user’s data with just 2 steps rather than 5 steps, your team has tons of work to do. UX simplicy is not a good option for lazy app builders.

Besides with serving app building process, complexity sometimes performs its role in app UI. For example, a dashboard that displays visualizations of large data sets can only ever be complex because its purpose is complex. There would be some circumstances that it’s impossible to remove every piece of complexity from the app. In such situation, let it be, as long as the UI is attractive enough.

In the end, both of complexity and simplicity are indispensable in a total review of a successful app. Seeking for a definite answer – complexity or simplicity – is not as helpful as balancing complexity and what the user needs. Be wise and adhere to user experience and the perfect answer will come to you.

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