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Apple’s iOS 6 was introduced with more than 200 new features. Alongside the most mentioned ones like Pass Book, new App Store, VIP inbox, Shared Photo stream or Panorama, iOS 6 offers its users a lot of small but useful functions that can ease your day. Read more: IOS 6: What can we expect?

New way to refresh your mailbox

Now to reload your mailbox, there’s no need to press the ‘Refresh’ button. Just pull the inbox down until the refresh animation appears, and then release it, your mailbox will be refreshed.

New Emoji

To those of you who are really into Emoji, you for sure are happy to know that iOS 6 brings you an array of new icons into the mix. Now you have more than just smileys to have fun with.

Launching apps with Siri

When you have tons of apps on your device, finding the one you need would be bothersome. In iOS 6, Siri will help you to launch your app. Just say ‘Open (run) App Name’ and leave the rest for your helpful assistant.

ios 6 user tips

iOS 6 and Siri

Receiving messages from your contact list only

Some of you may have experienced being spammed by strangers. Now with the new iOS 6 you have the solution. Go to settings > Notifications > Messages and choose ‘My contacts only’ for ‘Show iMessage Alerts from’, and there you go, you will only receive messages from your contact list.

Shortcut synchronization for your iDevice

Shortcut function on iOS allows you to shorten you typing time, for instance, you type ‘g9’ and it will show up as ‘good night’. To do this, go to Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts. With iOS 6 you can do more than that as it allows you to sync your shortcut settings for all of your iOS 6 devices. But remember to get yourself an iCloud account before you can do this.


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