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In order to improve the ability to share and connect, social networks have become an important tool user can use to show off their personality. They can publish their hobbies, update photos, status, and discuss with friends on social networks.

Nowadays, the popular features (e.g. camera, GPS) allow non-technical users to create simple or even complex content.


Social networking everywhere you go

The community will soon realize that mobile devices are not only the tools for creating content, for example, recording and editing photographs or videos, but also the tools for social networking, people can connect instantaneously and under the “now-time”. Sharing photos and status in a few hours after an event will be out of date. We will get used to sharing immediately at our now-time. Read more: Things you should know about Facebook App Center

Friends’ status, relationship, photos, jobs, locations are updated in second pull us closer regardless of distance, language, or race.

Coming beyond the criticism for making people lazy and created distance between human, social networks – with connecting and sharing – still, reinforce our existing connections and create new ones. Free video call applications like Face Time and Skype are good examples.

Social network is promised to expand even more when the mobile devices are getting more and more powerful. And hopefully, it will have beneficial effects not only in personal daily life but also in the enterprise sector.


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