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Celebrating the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Vietnam, the Australian Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honorable Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Cosgrove have visited @RMITVietnam as part of his State visit from May 23 to 25.

The visiting delegation joined senior Vietnamese representatives to celebrate the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Besides, they visited Vietnamese Peacekeepers in recognition of the growing defense relationship, and will acknowledge the strong education and business links between both countries.
the Australian Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honorable Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady CosgroveIt was an absolute honour for Savvycom to meet with Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Cosgrove. We are very proud to have Van Dang, an Australian Alumni coming back to Vietnam and being Founder & CEO of Savvycom. At this event, we had chance to introduce and promote the capabilities and market of Vietnam’s IT Industry, and particularly greatest software products we have ever made.


Back to 2017, we also had wonderful chance to meet with Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at APEC HUE 2017 and other members from Australia Government. During this event, Ms. Van Dang shared about the successes of ICT in Vietnam while also addressing common issues faced by women in ICT in Vietnam.


9 years passed by, we have got more and more Australia-based Clients. Everyday, we partner with them, along with bold missions and ambitious thinking to help them de-risk the process of bringing their great ideas to life.

Through days working with Savvycom, Nikias Leigh, CEO and Founder of Real Property Photography – an Australian based photography company, has shared:

“The amount of communication and transparency since that has absolutely stayed the highest especially after we gave the job to Savvycom..”

Looking back to the journey we have been through, Van Dang said:

I was awarded an Information Technology Scholarship in Sydney, Australia. The experience of living and studying with friends from different countries for 4 years here was the genesis of what would become my dream. Then I found and became CEO of Savvycom in 2009. Savvycom has now 100 employees, providing Software Product Development for Startups and Fast-growth Businesses in USA, Europe, Australia, and Singapore. Our passion and hard work has earned Savvycom a place among the Top 30 Global App Developers by Clutch.


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