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Capturing customers’ attention is one of primary purposes that every start-up tries to achieve. Some start-ups optimize their products or services, some other ones invest much in media to access customers. Another idea is to let customers immersed in start-ups’ lovely brand story. If you intend to be a good story-teller, some elements are helpful to you:


In the information area when there are too much information for people to digest, a complex story might not as attractive as a simple one. Your brand story should be so simple and clear that customers can understand at the very first time, or they will skip it and hardly remind it again. A recommended outline for such a story is as follow:

  • Raise the problem which you faced (hinting at your customers’ problem).
  • What solution adopted in that situation? Why?
  • How was the solution helpful or the best one for your customers?
  • Emphasis your products/services value.

Another reason to make your brand story simple is that it makes the story imaginative. The customers are intelligent, and if they find your story interesting, they will spend time thinking about it to find out what your message really is, how meaningful and helpful it is, and it can be applied in their real lives. Once the story is concise enough to make people think about it, then your succeed in your start-up project.

Target Market

A minor target market is better for a startup with limited resources. So is the brand story. This advice is so simple: try to embellish the brand story to appeal a tiny audience. If you get this job done well, that tiny audience will spread the story to the whole world.


One of a key element for an impressive brand story in particular and a successful business in general is the quality of unique. It comes from your personality. Please remind the story of Apple – the most effective technology corporation. Its apple logo with a bite on the left reflects Steve Jobs’ thought that his company and products are not perfect, so he has to try much to make it better. So, get your brand story integrated with startup’s personality.


Another tip for an attractive brand story makes it inspiring. People live with habits. But they appreciate and respect new, brilliant and creative ideas as they feel inspired by them. Let me mention the Apple example again. Their slogan “Think Different” was a great inspiration which reminisces people about many history’s great men, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Albert Einstein. Undoubtedly, as a start-up owner, you have a great passion for your business. That great passion promises a good brand story. Just allow that passion to speak out and then, not only you but also your customer will listen to it.


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