A letter of gratitude: Thank you for the past years!

The coronavirus outbreak has changed everyone’s perspective. Organizations and businesses need to prepare for the next normal. A return to pre-COVID-19 levels will take 1–4 years, depending on the recovery that will unfold in the short term. One year ends, another begins. Savvycom would like to say a profound thanks to our beloved customers, friends, and families who have always support us from the start from disruption to transition.

Versatility Beyond – Original Video By Savvycom

2020 is just a year, but it is one of the most extended years we had to deal with to many. At the start of the year, everyone in the world had no choice but to abandon all their plans to create new ones due to the negative impact of Covid-19.
Travelling was not an available option anymore, and company downsizing had been worst compared to recent years. Even major powers like the U.S, the U.K, France, Russia, and India have seen first-hand how a virus could infect a population rapidly, overwhelming hospitals and forcing governments to impose lengthy lockdowns in the hope of keeping the infection at bay.
Vietnam, however, has a different story. The little country in Southeast Asia is one of the few countries which manages to stop Covid-19 from spreading every step of the way.
The tech industry may be the least affected field but still pose some difficulties due to the work-from-home situation. Here at Savvycom, we always keep ourselves reminded that Covid-19 is not a challenge but an opportunity. The global pandemic is a chance for every Savvycomer, every Tech-savvy to reinvent and create a new version of ourselves. “Versatility Beyond” is our thanks, appreciation to everyone including our partners, customers, families and friends who have always been there with us from the beginning.
Savvycom Anniversary | 2021

TomoChain — Savvycom Partnership Announcement

Ever since the dawn of the company, Savvycom has always been striving towards a straightforward vision: A beautiful life enabled by technology and pouring our hearts and souls into making it a reality has always been the mission we pledge our life to follow. Lockdown or not, we strive to deliver the highest quality to our customers.
Suppose we are to look back at what we have accomplished for the past decades. Savvycom is proud to be one of the leading companies in Software Development and IT Outsourcing Services:

Savvycom Anniversary | Year End Party

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

We understand from the very start that we would have a long way to go, and we would need more than ourselves to reach that holy mountain. That being said, we couldn’t have made such wonderful achievements without the joint efforts of our wonderful customers, partners and beloved employees.

Jio Health - Telemedicine App Built by Savvycom

Jio Health – Telemedicine App Built by Savvycom

Build Your App The Professional Way With Savvycom?
Our team can help you with the development of your application. Contact us to get a free initial consultation regarding your project and its estimation in terms of cost, timeline, and needed technical talent.

Throughout the past years, we have supported more than 100 customers from 4 continents to excel their business performances, created decent occupations for 150+ people, established partnerships for the goals with various reputable organizations and companies worldwide such as Microstrategy, Apple, TomoChain, CY Global, etc. We have conquered many challenges together, and the power all of you handed over to us has become a precious driver to rise above the water.
To our innovative partners, we would like to thank you for choosing us as your strategic companion and as your sidekick towards the common goals. We have done lots of magnificent things together, and we couldn’t help but be grateful for the trust and support you have given us until this day:
Savvycom Anniversary | Award

Savvycom at Vietnam’s 50 Leading IT Companies Award

“Partnership is not only about the single benefit of each company. It’s much bigger than that. Through cooperations among companies, we create job opportunities for many young people, pave the way for countless creative and brilliant products as well as deliver more values to the customers. As parts of Vietnam technological circle, we are dedicated to taking the national technology to the next level as well as bridging the gap among countries all over the world. In so doing, Savvycom is more than grateful to have the like-minded friends on the way to materialise such a tough yet meaningful vision”  (Quoted from Mr Tue, Savvycom CTO)
Still, partnerships mean little if it were not for our treasured customers. Savvycom – once again – would like to send the sincerest appreciation to our customers, who put your faith into our hands and acted not only as our ends but also our great inspirations to create world-beating apps, thus climbing towards the summit of frontier technology. No matter where you are standing today, no matter whether your current success aligns with our past partnerships or not, may we wish you a continuum of luck and prosperity. We will forever embrace those blissful cooperations with our customers and promise not only to deliver the best software and applications, but also to be a reliable friend on your road to triumph.

Savvycom Anniversary | CEO Thanh Van Dang | Savvycom

Ms Van Dang – Savvycom CEO expressed her greatest gratitude

“Without you, Savvycom-ers, this moment cannot feel this fulfilled. My desire is to create an environment that resonates with everyone, where everyone has the opportunity to develop and equip themselves with necessary skills, therefore be more confident in the world full of challenges – and somehow that wild dream has come true. As the head of this organization, I’m really proud of my colleagues and are happy to witness the progress each person showcased along their way to excellence.
I’m so grateful that you have brought youth, enthusiasm, laughter to this organization; and moreover, have built a dynamic, united team to create excellent apps and to affirm Vietnam’s position on the world technology map. 1 or 10 months, 1 or 10 years, no matter how long you spent your precious time with us, I hope Savvycom has been the pride to you all. Be proud that you’ve got to have good colleagues and sincere friends. Be proud that you’ve got to smile even in the darkest days and overcome all the hardships together. I am happy to have you as our family”.
The endeavour we and our fellows invested in, as well as the milestones we have recorded along the past 10 years were, are and will always be a momentum for us to shoot for the furthest stars.

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Savvycom is right where you need. Contact us now for further consultation:

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Savvycom 5th Anniversary Celebration – The Journey We Enjoy!

Savvycom celebrates 5th anniversary - The Journey we enjoy!

Savvycom celebrates the 5th anniversary – The Journey we enjoy!

Hanoi, Jan 24, 2015

In January 2015, Savvycom celebrated the 5th year of excellent development and services to IT Outsourcing industry with a special event, titled “The Journey We Enjoy!” in Hanoi. Many partners all around the World like the United States, Germany or Malaysia converged for the Gala dinner activities and also 5th Anniversary Celebration of Savvycom.

Our pleasure to greet special guests

Our pleasure to greet special guests

5 years ago, Savvycom was established and dedicated ourselves to the software outsourcing industry. Within the five years, with the effort of all team members and staff, we’ve started small but look at us now. We’re growing up, getting stronger, and receives recognition in global software development community. We now have approximately 50+ members with offices in Vietnam and the United State.

Our young and dedicated team

Our young and dedicated team

“This 5th anniversary is a major milestone for Savvycom. Reaching the five-year mark is a real testament to the amazing, talented people who have helped the company growing up as we are today!” – said Ms Van Dang, Savvycom CEO & Founder.

In this special event, we would like to thank our clients and friends for your continuous support of Savvycom. It has been the persistent effort from all of us to achieve such great prizes:

The most successful factor that Savvycom has gained over the years is our people. With all of the achievements we’ve had, it’s proven that we don’t have to be the biggest to be the greatest.

Ms Van Dang - CEO of Savvycom with her awesome speech on the wonderful journey of Savvycom

Ms Van Dang – CEO of Savvycom with her awesome speech on the wonderful journey of Savvycom

“Celebrating 5 years of Savvycom, we would like to send our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to our success. It’s the great effort of the whole passionate team. People is the most important factor here at Savvycom, so together, I believe that we will grow even more and bring the best of the best results.”

Ms Van Dang, CEO –

Let’s review our journey through this short movie!

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Savvycom at:

Head Office: 12th floor, Viet A Tower, Duy Tan Street, Hanoi, Vietnam


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