Why choose .Net development over other platforms?

If you’re looking for an established method of running applications on both mobile and desktop platforms, ASP.NET and .Net development could bring your project in focus. With multiple frameworks to choose from that all work with each other seamlessly, your imagination is the limit. Running your website or mobile application using .Net software development gives you resources other systems don’t. With a wide range of coding and knowledge repositories, as well as server side compatibility, .Net development could be the way to go for your next venture.

Feel Secure with .Net Development

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There are many systems in place to build web applications, but Microsoft is an obviously well-established software developer and has decades of experience. With most of their now open source code available to all, developers worldwide have been able to take advantage of the standardization and cross-platform framework that .Net development provides. Additionally, their combined knowledge has helped evolve .Net into what it is today. As one of Savvycom’s software development strengths, we would love to share with you our real-world experience in these frameworks.

Organization and Cross-Platform Compatibility

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Computers and the World Wide Web are not the only fields which benefit from the same type of organization. If there weren’t any standards for automotive parts, batteries and tires would be proprietary to the maker. Speakers wouldn’t be interchangeable. Safety standards would wildly vary, as would the inventory in parts stores. With the advent of a framework with which factories knew they could produce certain items, it became faster and more cost-effective to follow a set of rules when it came to building what otherwise is a completely unique vehicle. This also reduces inventory on the shelf of the stores. For years, it was possible to use the starter from a Chevy Truck in any number of Chevrolet cars and some other brands owned by GM as well. They did this to save cost and boost efficiency. This is why you are considering .Net web development. You want a standardized web platform that has extensive compatibility capabilities with enormous potential.

So what would happen if programming had evolved to the point to where every single language was proprietary? Well, compare it to actual human speech. There are hundreds of languages, and most of them are so dissimilar that it takes years of study to become fluent in them if you ever can. But what if someone from a remote, small jungle type country in South America could use Google to translate content he or she might want to see? Google has created a framework of sorts where almost anyone of any language can consume content from any other country on the planet. This allows communication that never before might have happened, had there not been a common ground for everyone to contribute to.

The Logical Thing to Do

This is all an analogy of the type of challenges faced by programmers and companies trying to create applications on multiple platforms. In the beginning, everyone had to scramble to find resources. While we definitely encourage people to read books, it can be frustrating piling through documentation looking for a way to make your code compatible with every platform that exists. While we would like to say that manufacturers and computer languages have always had some sort of standard architecture, they really haven’t. Therefore, something was needed to help organize everything and create that standard. When it comes to web development, .Net was happy to step in.

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Microsoft developed .Net with the aim to standardize application compatibility on all browsers and all hardware connected to the web. This framework allowed the cross coding of several languages and frameworks, giving .Net developers a key to creating web and desktop content that was highly compatible across all platforms.

Why is .Net development outsourcing your best choice?

So, you’ve already decided that you want your project to take advantage of .Net development. You’ve considered operating the project in-house, but the costs of hiring a new .Net software developer that you don’t know is risky, and a team is out of the question. You’re trying to minimize liability for time lost and keep the bankers happy. What to do? .Net development outsourcing is the way to go. Time is money, and it’s best to have a team of skilled .Net developers on your side. Just as Microsoft grabbed an opportunity when they saw one, so has Savvycom. We specialize in all of the following fields;

  • Customised .Net Software development
  • Specialized, Customer Oriented .Net Development Outsourcing
  • Universally Compatible .Net Application Development
  • Team Oriented .Net Web Development
  • Customised .Net Web Application Development
  • Customised Asp.Net Web Development
  • Last but not least, Compatibility Focused Server Side Asp.Net Web Application Development

At Savvycom, we carried out a project of creating a social network measurement based on .Net platform. With the composition of web application frameworks such as C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Web/Win services, we created a web application which gives marketers the knowledge of their community in the form of social profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, …). It analyses the communities participate and interact with the brand and its marketing messages. This knowledge gives marketers and community managers the tool to deliver more relevant and valuable product and information for their community.

Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET | Source: Savvycom.

Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET | Source: Savvycom.

Currently, this system has been practised in Australia broadly in different industries especially in Finance and Banking by making business digital channels a truly powerful marketing platform.
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These are just a few of our .Net outsourcing capabilities. We are an open platform application development company whose goal is to complete every project as fast as efficiently possible while delivering higher than required standards.

By outsourcing .Net Development to Savvycom, you allow your company to focus on what’s important, the content of a site, rather than the back end. You boost efficiency in all aspects, including cost. Gambling with your money to find out if you can develop your own project on time and under budget is a risky business. Rather than worry about finding an in-house developer or team that requires benefits, high salary, and risk consider Savvycom.

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