Helo – Turn the whole world into one stage

Ability to serve up to 300 000 cross-continent users at the same time.
Ultra-low latency live streaming video using RTMP protocol.
WebSocket in the real-time chat is utilised to ensure a constant conversation between streamers and followers.

Helo – the solution for talents and talent seekers

Livestreaming mobile app gives you token Savvycom
Helo provides the right tools for talents from every walk of life to be discovered.
That is the quest that Helo has brought to us: to collaborate and create the first-ever live media streaming application that will enable people to showcase their gifted abilities by getting noticed by their respective industries.
Combining our in-depth knowledge regarding mobile strategy and design with their creative solution, Savvycom is proud to introduce the Helo Livestreaming Mobile Application.
No longer the days of exclusively signing contracts with mainstream celebrities to endorse their product. Now, each and every single individual can become a key opinion leader – as long as they have the skills to be loved by and the platform to do so.
Sometimes, their recommendations are even more persuasive than the traditional celebrities’ ones because of their down-to-earth personalities and close connections with the ordinary crowd.
This rising trend is incredibly useful for not only the businesses to develop a highly cost-effective marketing campaign and target the right audiences, but also for creators to prove their talents while earning additional income.

Helo customised application consisted of:

With a live streaming application that will serve 300,000 users simultaneously, all data needed to be shown in real-time across a wide geographical area.
To solve the problem, Savvycom’s engineering team apply the ultra-low latency live streaming video using RTMP. This protocol ensures the stream’s size is negotiated dynamically between the client and server, thereby effectively maintains persistent and smooth connections. The instant interaction between streamers and their followers is also an absolute must for a successful streaming application.
So, to make sure that Helo application can maximize its users’ engagement, Savvycom has utilized WebSocket in real-time chat to ensure a constant conversation between streamers and followers.
Since the targeted audience has been identified as Asian citizens ranging from 18 to 40 years old, the UX/UI of Halo also stands as a challenge.

Entertainment technology solution for music industry by Savvycom
Helo is customized to serve hundreds of thousand users simutenously
Savvycom livestreaming app
Helo’s interface is minimalistic yet optimal
With such a broad range of users, the interface needs to be simple, easy to use yet inclusive, dynamic and evoke creativity.
Therefore, Savvycom developers have applied a 2-colour theme with a simplistic layout using basic geometric shapes. This helps creates a modern vibe for the application while lower the first-time users’ learning effort.
As an addition plus side, it also ensures that the application does not take too much memory space or battery to operate like a dream.
Understand the constant update and changing nature of mobile devices, Savvycom makes sure to prioritise the application’s compatibility with multiple platforms and operating systems.
MySQL, MongoDB, Angular, NodeJS, PHP 7, Laravel 5 were all brought into the development of this application to ensure the highest level of adaptation, easy update, and limited error.

Focus on getting emerging talents recognized in the most effective way possible.

Simple Set-up
Download easily through Google Play and the Apple App Store. Singing up quickly through Facebook, Twitter or Email. That’s it. That is all it takes for the users to start broadcasting live.
Gift and rewards
HELO got a special incentive system for its creators. Once the user is live and got viewers, he or she can encourage the viewers to send them stars. With every 250,000 stars received, 120$ will be sent directly to the user Paypal account – a worldwide recognized online payment system.
Feature Streamers
Once the user starts gaining traction and engagement on their live stream, Helo’s algorithm will feature that creator’s stream in a special section so to amp up their recognition.
Discover the community. Share the community.
The user can either ‘add friend’ or ‘follow’ another user. While streaming, a user is just a click away from sharing their live stream across social media platforms (Facebook or Twitter) so that friends and families can follow their journey as well.
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