6 Reasons Why Small Business Needs a Mobile App ASAP!

Mobile applications have always presented many advantageous opportunities for businesses. Still, there’re lots of small and medium companies who are afraid of establishing a mobile app and willing to believe that having a website is sufficient enough.

Well, big mistake!

A mobile app can actually help increase sales, contribute to brand recognition or produce statistics for valuable customers analysis.

why need mobile app for business

If your business is still wondering whether to invest in a mobile app, then keep on reading this article because we’ll provide more reasons on why you should seriously consider this effective technology solution.

Advantages of Having a Mobile App for Business

Benefits of mobile apps are undeniable. However, have you got all of them? Following are 6 specific benefits of mobile apps for business and create one now!

Increase sales

A mobile application can be a channel through which helps you increase the company’s profit. Not only does it make your business stands out but also with frequently updated features, you can motivate customers to purchase products or services.

Another advantage of an app is the ability of online mobile payments, allowing customers to purchase from anywhere, anytime.

A great example of this is Domino’s Pizza. The business has witnessed a growth of over 25 per cent in UK market online sale after 6 months since its launch of a mobile application and now, half of Domino’s Pizza online orders are to proceed through a mobile app.

Keep your customer’s loyalty

Customer loyalty is an important prospect of business that you need to focus on. The fact that your customers come back to your store or office for the second time can provide your business with steady revenue.

This can be achieved by regularly remind your buyers about the product you sell or the service you provide. And what better and easier way to establish the connection between buyers and sellers than building a mobile app. A mobile app with constantly updated rewards or offers will let customers be noted of your existence 24/7.

Seeing this amazing potential, Starbucks has soon established and enhanced its communication with customers through a mobile application. With the purpose of making the ordering and payment process easier for customers, a mobile app with features that allow customers to buy a gift card, redeem offers and even tip the staff is built. With more than 11 million sign-up mobile app users, over 20% of Starbucks’s transactions are proceeding online. Since then, Starbucks has always been a pioneer, a leading example case in the field of mobile e-commerce.

Create a direct marketing channel

An app serves many functions such as providing information, offering discounts and bonus, etc. All the information that you’d like to deliver to customers can be easily delivered by a mobile application, especially through the push notification feature. With mobile apps, the business has a better chance to interact with customers and allow them to actively engage in the buying experience.

Pursuing this advantage as the key success, Hnail has been developed by us, Savvycom, to bring in a new solution for the connection between nail salons and customers. With features that allow customers to book an appointment, choose their favourite artist, select the nearest shop location, etc., Hnail has made the process of nail treatment booking easier and less time-consuming. As well as that, every piece of information relating to discounts, new rising stores location or trending nail style/colour option is presented thoroughly, enhancing the beauty experience for customers.

Boost brand recognition

Having an app for your company is a wonderful tool to display your product or service through various marketing campaigns, in a way that will attract their interest. The more often your customers get accustomed to your brand, the more successful you get when raising brand awareness. You can even expand your potential customer market and develop trusting relations with them.

In 2014, Nokia corporation introduced Nokia Street Kreatives mobile application, which was run on Nokia Lumia devices and specialized for the South African market. The app allows NSK users to create street content using Nokia Lumia and then easily share posts on multiple social media networks. After a year of launching the app and campaign, NSK has created an outstanding number of social posts, which lead to an increase in Nokia’s brand awareness.

Stand out from competitors

Since mobile applications are still uncommon for small and medium companies, this is the time when you can make big progress in the competition.

Having a mobile app makes every business stands out, giving the impression of a tech-savvy company. Why not be the first in the neighbourhood to offer a mobile app to your customers?

Easily analyse customer behaviours

One of the best things about the mobile app is that you can collect a lot of useful information for future analysis. By tracking downloads, user engagement, and what interests people have, you can develop a thorough insight into your customers and later on improve the app for better user experience. Understanding your consumers is always the key to success in any business.

What companies should consider building a mobile app?

As useful it may seem, the mobile app isn’t for every business area. Companies which are working in these fields can take into account of establishing a very own application.

  • Tourism – searching for hotels and resorts, ticket booking, interactive maps
  • Healthcare – consulting, online medical appointment booking, calling a doctor
  • Hospitality (restaurants, cafes, etc.) – promotions, menus, ordering delivery
  • Beauty industry – making appointments with specialists, scheduling, online registration, review
  • Delivery services – product catalogues, ordering, price comparison
  • Other service sectors.

Should your business works in any of these fields, it is worth considering to experience all the advantages mentioned by having a mobile app.

However, it is important to bear in mind that any product or tool must serve specific purposes and contribute to the development of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a checklist of crucial functions for a future app.


If you are among the first to start using a mobile app as a marketing and sales tool, congratulations because you now have a solid base to strive in the future. Since mobile apps can bring many benefits to almost any company, we hope after this article, you can make the best decision for your business.
Now, if your company is ready to venture in the world of having a mobile app, where should you start? Well, you can either hire an app development agency or bring your own in-house app development team on board or use one of the most trusted mobile app builders like Savvycom to build your own mobile app without any worries.

Savvycom is willing to give you a free consultation on how you should take advantage of the technology to boost up your business and enhance business performance. Please do not hesitate to contact us via:

We’re happy to discuss with you to find out the right mobile app solution and send out our professional team and experts to support you in the projects.

Why modern technology is critical to your business strategy in Industry 4.0?

Nowadays, businesses need to take technology into consideration to achieve their strategic initiatives. In an annual business strategy session, technology is the topic we must discuss, as we don’t want our competitors to exceed us. Therefore, businesses need to figure out the way to embrace innovative technologies, in order to achieve the organisation’s strategy and overall success.

Enterprise software solutions is a strategic tool to gain benefit over competitors, lower cost, increase revenue and profit, and many more, etc.

enterprise software solutions, the critical role for business

Modern Technology | Critical Key to Business in 4.0

5 advantages of enterprise software solutions in your business

Companies catching up with technology is in the right direction to create extra values for customers, or at least in the equal position to their competitors. So, what are those benefits to make your business successful? Below are 5 representative advantages:

  • Increased Output – Better output is likely to better sales. Better sales lead your business to many amazing outcomes. With the support of technology, employee efforts to create and maintain customer satisfaction are comparatively stimulated. Besides, technology connect business owners to employees, smoothly contribute to their working process. As a result, technology can be a lifeline to help them be productive at any time.
  • Increased Profitability – If work is efficiently solved, chances are, this company can increase its profit. Profitability growth can be solid proof that employees work together effectively and connected. From top-level plans to the day-to-day execution, the process is promoted faster by technology.
  • Improved Security – In the era of Industry 4.0, security is a top-level concern, not only for the business owner but also for customers’ trust when they provide their personal information. Lack of security can be a deathly penalty for any strategic initiative in various ways. Make sure your business’ systems are secure at the highest level and you don’t need to worry about this issue anymore.
  • Increased Teamwork – Internet-based communication and collaboration platforms are more preferred types of systems for working together such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. These platforms are great tools for employees to communicate and share information easily, wherever they are. Although technology may not a final enterprise software solution for all issues that your business is facing, it can make communication, sharing of information, and accountability for team projects much easier.
  • Fewer Surprises – Savvycom can offer you enterprise software solutions to your business is always prepared for new technology trends and advances. After discussing the needed and desired changes, we will make a solid plan to allocate and upgrade technology for your business.

Now, you already know the advantages of applying enterprise software solutions. Let’s go further to explore technology-based strategies to speed up your business

Speed up your business with these 5 technology-based strategies

Small and medium-sized businesses are more and more relying on enterprise software solutions to strengthen their product development, marketing and customer engagement activities.

Otherwise, technology is a great way to gain a relative advantage over competitors, even among small businesses. Your “technology enabled” business still operates well but might miss out on new, fast-evolving technologies that could supercharge your business, regardless of its size.

Strategy 1: Finance Your Business with Crowdfunding sites

Not strange to start-up companies, crowdfunding has become a popular method of funding companies, ventures and product development. Companies which can inspire and attract investment will take advantage and have an amount of budget for their business plan. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, Gofundme, etc. are potential crowdfunding sites that your business can post your best profiles on

Strategy 2: Embrace Social Media and Expand Your Sales

social media strategy

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are 3 domain social media for business. As you already know, an effective social media strategy can speedily boost branding and visibility of the company. With the assistance of social media tools, you can interact with target audiences around a direct message or offer, and kick off traffic to your website.

Social media strategy and focus is an essential part of marketing to kick off sales at a very low cost. It’s normally defined as supplement current sales efforts. But it fully means as the primary vehicle for all sales activity.

The first step is to identify online platforms and communities where your target audience spends the most time on. Then, you can create a strategy to engage with their interests and give out useful, compelling content and interaction they can’t get elsewhere.

Strategy 3: Adopt New Technologies to Streamline Your Business

Now, most private businesses have formed technology-based enterprise software systems. Financial systems like QuickBooks and Oracle, user-friendly websites, online catalogues, call centres, streamlined inventory management or so are not strange to any business owner or manager. Along the time, people have invented a variety of enterprise management software to which businesses are adaptable regardless of their scopes. I can list some such as:

  • Real-time, on-demand video (especially on tablets) for marketing and product promotion.
  • Online customer relationship management (CRM) and customer care to “re-personalise” their customers’ experience.
  • Tablet-based systems for employees to provide instant, one-to-one responses to customers needs.
  • Subscription-based software as a service (SaaS), which provides all kinds of services on a “pay by the drink” basis, which minimises up-front investment.

Strategy 4: Take Your Business into the Cloud

Read more:

The “cloud”, which delivers hardware and software services via a network, is one of the most prominent technology paradigm shift for private companies. Incredibly cheap storage and a range of shrink-wrapped solutions, the cloud can reduce a small business’s capital investment in technology.

Strategy 5: Investment to Create a Mobile App – why not?

mobile app strategy for business

It is not exaggerated to say that mobile is dominant in the world of technology. According to emarketer.com, “Apps account for over 90% of internet time on smartphones”. People are spending more and more time for smartphones all across the globe, not only to entertain, but also to do business. Therefore, well-designed apps can take advantage of and be top-of-mind brands whenever people have the intention to use smartphones.

Just imagine! A lot of people like using our High-quality apps every day. Thanks to the app’s popularity, now you can link it to coupons, sales. Profits from these will increase, get your business a stable income and provide it real-time information, feedback which is valuable to how you had better run your business. Now you should think of special offers for your products and services or just news that your customer can use.

BAIA BAIA – A convenient flip-flops store on mobile

Baia Baia, a DIY flip-flop brand originated from France, is one of Savvycom’s big corporate clients. Baia Baia had Savvycom build a fancy e-commerce app for Android tablet to help users easily customise their own flip-flops by selecting sole, straps, charms with different colours and styles. The app would help brings the best shopping experiences for buyers.

This app has heard positive feedback from a high percentage of users, especially from those who first bought the products of Baia Baia. Another good sign was that Baia Baia’s Sales Department also reported a significant rise in revenue after the app was built.

With these 5 key technology-based strategies into your enterprise software system, you are one step ahead to generate increased sales and reduce your costs. Your competitors may be even faster than you are right now. Are you ready to run?

Let’s step further to the real situation. How can you use technology in business growth strategies?

I will give you some keywords for you to research. And you will remember those things much more when you are self-researching

  • Make Life Easier with Mobile
  • Rock with Social Media
  • Leverage the Power of Cloud Computing
  • Big Data Makes You “Big”
  • Productivity Tools Are Amazing: Slack, StayFocusd, Google Drive, Producteev, TopTracker, Wunderlist, and MiniNote.
  • Try Online POS Systems
  • Easier Bookkeeping With Accounting Software
  • Integrate Your CRM and ERP systems
  • Track Your Progress

The fourth industrial revolution is ultimately changing the competitiveness of companies all over the world. Deeply understanding the importance of technology to business strategy, we’re here to help you to develop IT products for maintaining your competitiveness on the global market.


If you’re in need of Technology Consultation for enhancing your business in Industry 4.0, please do not hesitate to contact us and get a Free Consultation with our experts. We’re pleased to serve and support you to achieve more success!

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