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Top Mobile Design Trends in 2015

mobile design trends 2016
App design is a world of endless creativity and movement. It never stop changing and transforming. Designers around the world incessantly try to upgrade their design to make it more beautiful and practical to users. Here are some mobile design trends 2016. Some trends may would last, some trends may would fade away. Regardless of what will happen, for now, our list of top mobile design trends 2016 could be a handy suggestions for mobile designers who want to create…

5 Limitations when designing for Mobile

Mobile design
Though designing for desktop computers include multiple complicated tasks, designing for mobile may even more time-consuming. On the new platform of mobile which is much more different from desktop, mobile designers have to face a set of limitation, as discussed below.  1. Less context As the screen shrinks from large desktop screen to tiny mobile device, the showing content reduces. Then the problem arises: there is the lack of the whole page overview. This challenges users when they try to…

5 important factors of mobile web design

mobile web design factors, web design factors
Contrary to the common thought that mobile web design and full screen web design differ, there are indeed five common important factors of mobile web design must possess: Meaningful navigation, Focusing on content, Feedback, Clear branding and Space.. 1. Meaningful navigation Image by First of all, navigation must enable visual interaction. The design should look like buttons, lists or arrows. Labeling comes the seconds, so make sure labels appear meaningful to the users: buttons should own a recognizable name.…