How to Hire App Development Company in Vietnam: The Definitive Guide [2019 and Beyond]

Why Vietnam?

Being one of the top destinations in Asia for software offshoring, Vietnam has shown its favourable conditions and lots of potential for IT development. Some of its highlights include:

  • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) market has grown 20% to 35% annually, much faster than the annual GDP growth of 5.2 to 7.1% from 2012 to 2018, with a revenue of 2 billion USD in 2015 
  • Ranked 1st in pioneering location and cost environment (Cushman & Wakefield business process outsourcing and shaped service location index, 2016-2017) 
  • Ranked 6th in the Top 55 most attractive countries for Global Outsourcing Services in 2017 (GSLI 2017) in the research by AT Kearney Consulting Firm
  • Top 10 countries with the most engineering graduates in 2015 according to Forbes 
  • Has attracted investment from major IT companies such as Intel, IBM, Samsung Display, LG, Nokia and Microsoft.

Vietnam has a young, dynamic IT workforce with talented developers. The size of this IT workforce is increasing each year with a total enrollment of over 68,000 students from 250 universities and colleges with majors of IT, electronics, telecommunications and information security, according to 2017 Vietnam Information and Communication White Book. 
The Vietnamese IT workers are also said to belong to a culture of loyalty with a significantly low attrition rate of between 6 and 8 per cent, as opposed to a 20 per cent rate of India in 2015 
In recent years, government policy has strongly encouraged investment in high-tech zones and IT parks.
Another reason that makes outsourcing to Vietnam an appealing option is its cost-effectiveness. Vietnam is among countries with low-cost labour; the IT industry is not an exception. Also, high technology is a sector that is granted tax incentives by the Vietnamese government, according to PwC – Vietnam Pocket Tax Book 2019 
 Apps segment, an important part of Vietnam’s IT industry, has also shown inviting prospects. According to Statista, revenue in the Apps segment amounts to US$12m in 2019. The market volume of this segment is projected to reach US$17m by 2023 at an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 10.3%.
Considering the advantages that this country offers, it’s safe to say that Vietnam is a promising land for clients hoping to develop trusted applications.
Savvycom app development company in vietnam

How to find top app development companies in Vietnam?

Before digging deeper into the steps to hire a good app development company in Vietnam, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of hiring an app development company in general.

1. Pros and cons of hiring a foreign app development company


  • Cost-effectiveness: An outsourcing partner comes with up-and-running infrastructure, sparing your company from costs of facility, equipment and supplies, thus being a cheaper option compared with in-house development.
  • Greater access to IT talents: Outsourcing companies can offer a large talent pool where you can find highly proficient IT teams with proven IT competency, skills and experience. Leading companies often put great emphasis on sharpening the skills of their employees, making sure that they are capable of delivering the best solutions to their clients.
  • Reduced time to market: Outsourcing teams are capable of delivering on time as they operate under optimal conditions and closely stick to the project timelines and guidance set by the main office from the beginning to the end of the project.


  • Communication issues: These can be derived from several factors, such as different time zones or language and cultural barriers which can lead to major conflicts and threaten work efficiency.
  • Lack of control: Normally, companies choose to outsource to contract certain business activities to a specialized, external party so that it can focus on their expertise and core activities. As a result, companies often lose some control over how the tasks are being monitored and performed. To maintain the desired level of control. Companies should look for trusted outsourcing partners and make sure progress is constantly updated.
  • Quality issues: concerns about quality might arise as it’s hard to carry out quality control and monitoring when you can’t directly speak with the software engineers. The solution, once again, is to find a reputable partner with proven quality.

Now that you’ve been reminded of what to expect when hiring an app development company, let’s set out to find your desired Vietnamese app developer.

2. Where to find app development companies in Vietnam?

Reviews and Rating sites

In today’s world where one can just Google everything he needs to know, it seems that simply keying in a straightforward “top app development companies in Vietnam” will suffice. Within one second, millions of results pop up, displaying countless lists and rankings of app development service providers. But beware, as reviews and ratings firms are not at all equally reliable. Try to push a little harder by checking the credibility of those company review sites before putting your trust in a certain review. Clutch and Goodfirms are examples of company reviews, ratings and rankings platforms that are well-recognised and dependable.

IT jobs sites

There are several websites where you can find trusted app development companies in Vietnam, such as ITviec, TopDev, and 9cv9. These websites are mainly created as an IT job classified portal to hire developers, but you can also find list and reference to top Vietnamese IT companies and their information on these platforms.

Recommendation systems

Chances are that you might know someone who works in the field of IT, have a good understanding of software development, or better yet, have outsourcing experience with a Vietnamese company. If that’s the case, ask for a company recommendation. This system of recommendation makes it possible to find a trusted company that can fulfil your needs.

3. Steps to hire an app development company in Vietnam

Evaluate the project requirements

Understanding the current needs will give you a general idea of the development company you’re looking for and help you avoid searching aimlessly among thousands of potential partners. For example, if you’re seeking end-to-end services which include app strategy, development, design and post-launch support for marketing and maintenance, then pay more attention to companies with dedicated specialists for each service. Or if you already have a capable UI/UX team in charge of the design, you’d want to prioritize companies with development specialists.

Make a list of potential candidates

Based on your project requirements, list down 5 to 10 companies that you’ve managed to find in the form of a spreadsheet. The main columns should cover the company names, the price that they offer, expertise, proposed solutions and your initial evaluation of the companies.

Review the companies’ portfolio

Learn about each company’s past projects. You can download their apps and form your own opinions of the apps including the design and usability. Look for user reviews and ratings for reference, but remember to stay cool-headed and not get too carried away with the overly positive or negative reviews. Flashy reviews might come from the company itself while bad reviews might come from its rivals. Go to neutral blogs, review portals, websites and forums for more objective perspectives.
Past clients’ reviews can also be a trustworthy source. You might want to go as far as to search through the social media of the companies’ past clients as they tend to leave detailed reviews on their social media.
In addition to reviewing the portfolio, ask the companies about their processes and timelines. Usually, companies using Agile development have a more systematic approach as they develop and resolve development problems.

Get an estimate of app development cost

App development costs can vary greatly from company to company and might not sit well with your budget. However, price shouldn’t be the number one priority when choosing an app development company, as the quality is what matters the most. An ideal company is one that offers the right balance between price and expertise. Send request for a quote and learn the pricing models, payment terms and schedules that the companies employ to see which one is the best fit for your project.
Numerous factors determine the costs of developing an app, one of which being the hourly rates of developers. Vietnam is among countries with the most affordable rates, with an average of $30-40 per hour.

Assess the level of communication

Communication is crucial to the success of any project, and even more so when you outsource to a foreign company. A trustworthy partner would demonstrate a high level of involvement. You’d need a company which provides constant and systematic updates on the work progress and any issues arising along the way to know whether each stage of development is going as planned, and if not, whether delays are being handled properly.
Another thing to consider is the candidates’ command of English. In recent years, the English competency of Vietnamese developers has improved greatly. Still, make sure to look for outsourcing partners who have little to no difficulty communicating in your language.

Learn about the maintenance & support policy

Even when you already have your app up-and-running, further support from your development company is still needed as no one can guarantee that the app will always be foolproof. It’s highly recommended to find out whether the development company provides quality maintenance and support services, the extent to which they provide support and how much they charge for each service.
All the factors listed above will guide you through the process of narrowing down your list of potential outsourcing partners. Choosing a company that suits your needs can be a painful process, but once you’ve found your dream team of app developers, you’ll find a whole lot of time and effort you’ve spent worthwhile. In the meantime, be selective and stay strong on your quest for a great app development company.

App development service: Why Savvycom?

Ranked in the Top Mobile App Developers in Vietnam by Clutch, Savvycom Software hopes to use our expertise and experience to deliver high-performance apps to our clients.
Over the past 10 years, we’ve completed more than 300 successful projects across a variety of industries and brought satisfaction to over 100 clients.
Our stringent process of selection ensures that you can get access to a pool of highly-skilled, certified and proficient software developers who aim to help our clients accomplish their goals using unparalleled domain expertise combined with leading-edge technologies.
With Savvycom, you retain full control over the project management. All members of the developer team are selected as per the clients’ requirement. We also adopt a flexible and scalable model that allows effective resources allocation following our clients’ demand.
Contact to get our support in your software development project
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Savvycom 2016 – Good to Great

It is a Savvycom tradition to celebrate the year-end by Savvycom-ers together for a food and extraordinary party. Of course, if you follow us on any social media you know that we are no strangers to celebrating with food – from New Year, to Ended-Year, to Birthday, to Day for the Haft of the World there is no shortage of food-inspired celebrations at Savvycom.


Savvycom Annual Meeting 2017

2016 has been filled with a lot of newbies, warm laughs and is new milestones of Savvycom. From all the new participants that joined us this year, to old hand going together with us, we are more than grateful for the many blessings this year.

To start the party, Mr. Vinh Le- Chairman of Savvycom opened the party with the greeting to all participants and expressed his happiness for the company’s great growth.

Our Chairman-Mr.Vinh shared Savvycom vision in the new year

Our Chairman – Mr.Vinh Le shared Savvycom vision in the new year

Following the opening speech, Savvycomians together look back the review in 2016 with proud of Savvycom as well as their personal achievements. This was also an opportunity to honor excellent individuals and admirable teams of Savvycom who got distinguished performance in 2016. They are:

  • The Avengers Award – Jio Health Team
  • The Mountain Movers Award- Who I use Team
  • Mission Impossible Award – Genomics Team
  • Rising Star Award: Bach Nguyen, Tuan Ngo, Huy Pham, Binh Tran, Anh Nguyen.
  • Extra Miles Award: Anh Dao, Vinh Le, Huong Nguyen, Hai Le, Oanh Le.
  • Workshop of the year: Manh Dam

Endlessly, Ms. Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom, share some remarkable points in 2016 and shared Savvycom’s plan and developing objectives in the next year- 2017.

Our CEO – Ms. Van Dang shared her thoughts on the development of Savvycom in 2017

Our CEO – Ms. Van Dang shared her thoughts on the development of Savvycom in 2017

Besides, we also had memorable time spending with each others to show our talents in three teams: TADB Team, Lay Team, and Thich La Nhich Team.

Additionally, 2016 was the year which saw the growth of a lot of Savvycom clubs: Gym club, Football club, and Swimming club, as the evidence for the significance of health as well as sport spirit with Savvycomers.

The meeting was a really exciting event where people gather to get closer and to foster the high level of solidarity among our members. Let’s take a look at some moments of our momentous 2016 year-end party:

Let’s check more images here!
Stay updated with our latest news:


Savvycom CEO – Top Outstanding Young Startup Entrepreneurs 2016

Savvycom is delighted to announce that Savvycom CEO – Ms. Van Dang – has been nominated among Top Most Outstanding Vietnam Start-up Entrepreneurs in 2016. The award is the Vietnamese government’s recognition for her relentless efforts in striving the company to success for the past 6 years.

Ms. Van Dang in ao dai

Ms. Van Dang wearing “aodai” – a Vietnamese women traditional costume – when receive the award

This award is one of our government’s long-term attempts to boost the entreprenurs spirit and can-do attitude among the Vietnamese youngsters. Every year, it shines a light on the best individuals with outstanding business achievement across various economic categories. 2016 nominated candidates has contributed to Vietnam 2015 total revenue of about 4,554 billion, a 47.4% growth compared to 2014. It is so fascinating that all of this contribution are made by many CEO, Board of Directors with the age under 35, holding a key role in their growing businesses. Van Dang, Savvycom CEO commented; “I am honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award. It is also a statement to my endeavors in bringing high service quality to my clients. I hope that this accomplishment, my success today, would encourage women to unhesitately chase their dreams, no matter how many difficulties ahead”.

Savvycom CEO - Ms. Van Dang

Savvycom CEO – Ms. Van Dang

6 years ago, Van Dang – current Savvycom CEO – had made a life-changing decision, yet stayed true to her heart: to establish an offshore software vendor aiming at becoming a long-term strategic partner by delivering high quality services. Despite many objections about how risky it is for a women to build her own company, and how unreal the idea may be, Van still stayed affirmed with her passion. After 6 years, the achivement of her non-stop journey with the founder team has shown how right her choice was. More than 300 successful projects delivered, 92% returning clients and all client’s positive feedbacks are the most powerful evidences showing how far Van has gone. Despite being the only women in Savvycom leadership team, she was the one who has carried the whole company through ups and downs, then strived to greatness. In this men-oriented, tough industry; Van has created a miracle. “This woman has an amazing determation. Van would try effortlessly to achieve whatever she commited to do. We all admire her for that.” – said Savvycom COO, Minh Nguyen. Today, Van is among only a few young Vietnam women entrepreneurs that achive success in the IT Industry. She has truly become a model for woman success – who rose beyond the society perception of women, and relentlessly chased her dreams.

Ms. Van with her beloved Savvycom family in its sixth birthday.

Ms. Van with her beloved Savvycom family in its sixth birthday.

About Savvycom We are Vietnam leading IT company specializing in offshore software development. Aiming at automated software testing, mobile app testing services, website development and mobile application development, Savvycom has strived higher and higher to bring success to our clients. With a fully-integrated team of strategists, technologists and designers driven with passion, creativity and a relentless commitment to excellence, Savvycom has offered business value to 50+ clients all over the world, provided high-quality services with 300+ successful projects in industry verticals including Business Service, Health Care, Education, E-commerce, Retailing, Finance, Transportation and Entertainment. For further information, check out: >> Savvycom CEO Profile >> Savvycom Services >> Savvycom Successful Projects

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