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Top 30 Global App Developer Goes to… Savvycom

Published by Clutch, a B2B research and review firm in the heart of Washington, DC, the new research “Top 30 Global App Developer 2017” features 30 companies with outstanding track records of client success and recognises the implementation of innovative practices in the software development industry. Savvycom is truly honoured to be announced as top 10 contenders amongst 30 best app developer companies. Clutch’s analysis took several important factors into consideration. The first benchmark was demonstrating significant focus on IT…

Business Intelligence Industry – Get to know your real Customers

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The Business Intelligence Industry has always failed to understand and support its real customers. With few exceptions, BI product vendors and consultancies continue to be acquainted primarily with IT. This is a comfortable, compatible relationship, for BI and IT both tend to see the world from an engineering-oriented, techno-centric perspective. But the Business Intelligence industry’s real customers are the folks who actually use BI tools to transform data into the meaningful information they need to make better decisions. Although some…