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How to Manage Risks in Software Outsourcing?

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Thriving for more than a decade, outsourcing has been praised as cost-effective, efficient, productive and strategic. However, as benefits come, risks do also, threatening to ruin everything that you have expected to achieve from your outsourcing plan. Are you aware of what risks your company may face when adopting outsourcing as a strategy and how can you manage them? Here is the list of the 8 most common of them, as well as their solutions for how to manage risks…

3 Important Issues when outsourcing IT projects

outsourcing IT projects, business tips for outsourcing, it projects
Outsourcing it projects is considered a trend in a modern business environment. Because IT projects have specific characteristics, businesses should put in mind the following things while outsourcing, in order to ensure success and benefits. Read more: Offshoring software development pros cons 1. Clear project’s scope and plan This is the precondition when outsourcing IT projects.  Clear scope and plan help both business and service provider save time. Have your project clear described. Tell the service provider what time each…