From Savvycom to all women in tech: Everyday is women’s day

As an industry which has long been perceived as an uphill battle for women, the technology field has not gone unnoticed. So in this historical Women’s March, what do our women in tech think about the age-old stereotypes, the inclusion of women, the diversity of genders at work, and the effort of tech companies in balancing the situation? 
Here are the confidences from some of Savvycom’s representatives.

Sophie Nguyen – Business Consultant of Savvycom

“Recently, there are many pieces of research proving that the technology industry needs women. Diversity of thought leads to better problem-solving. Collaborating with individuals of different genders and sexual orientations leads to innovation and enhances problem-solving, which are the core points for development in technology. 

“Collaborating with individuals of different genders and sexual orientations leads to innovation and enhances problem-solving”

Therefore, I believe the presence of women in tech is inevitable and irreplaceable – and the whole industry might be thinking the same. Although the number of women in this industry remains low, the trend is showing signs: the number of women at the executive level grow 2.1% year-on-year; women were also promoted at a slightly higher rate than men for the second straight year, with 14.7% of them advancing compared to 14.4% of their male counterparts.
We have to look into the other side of the statistics to embrace the right spirit and not be too pessimistic over the situation, which is actually cooler, and the industry is encouraging more women to get involved, to raise their voices and appear powerfully to the world.
I keep my faith that, in just the next few years, women will have a chance to prove their stance in Tech, and swing the age-old prejudice upon working women – especially women in tech.”

Van Dang – Founder, CEO of Savvycom

“When I started my career as an engineer, I did not expect equality, but instead fueled myself with the assumption that I have already possessed the competitive capability required to grow as a tech expert. My job, therefore, is not paying attention to any stereotypical anecdotes but forging my own courage, steadfastness and resilience to work harder than people around me in order to gain significant footing and win my dream. Nothing can pull me back, as I am the only one who is responsible for my dream and for that reason, I will follow myself and my own inner peace.

“Nothing can pull me back, as I am the only one who is responsible for my dream and for that reason, I will follow myself and my own inner peace.”

After years striving in the technology field, from a researcher, I have worked my way up to be a business analyst, a consultant, a project manager and the founder, CEO of Savvycom – Top 30 Global Mobile App Developers, the Vice President of Vietnam Digital Technology Alliance, recognised as one of the top 15 Global Leader To Watch 2017 and top 100 Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Vietnam, the winner of “Mekong Women’s Entrepreneurship” by World Bank. Most recently, I have become the only Vietnamese candidate to win the 2020 Fortune – US Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership Programme. None of those could have mattered if I had not gone against the stereotypes people labelled on women.
Grasp every opportunity, fear no prejudices. That’s the recipe for success.

Nhu Quynh – HR Manager of Savvycom

The technology industry is no longer a boys’ club. The number of women is on the rise, and women are starting to leave their own marks on the technology map: Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Susan Wojcicki of Youtube, Ginni Rometty of IBM, etc. Those are results of our fierce fights against the once unjust system upon working women – tech women in specific, as well as the efforts of many leaders to design a favourable and equal environment for women.

“The technology industry is no longer a boys’ club.”

Savvycom is also part of the wave. Since our CEO, Ms Van Dang, is also a woman in tech who highly empathises with the difficulties many women are undergoing, she dedicates to empowering women in this technology industry. Taking it as a manifesto, Savvycom is doing the best to create a wonderful environment for everyone, regardless of their genders, to grow. 
Our philosophy is simple – erasing the boundaries between men and women within the company. That is also translated into another way of understanding: Gender will not be a  ground for our policy and incentives. Instead, we build our system based on more solid foundations, such as needs, wants, abilities, etc of each employee. From those points on, we customise our value deliveries as per each individual features to maximise their satisfaction and the progress towards their goals – the result of months and years observing and deriving insights in order to discover not only their outer but inner selves to offer them the right treatments.
In Savvycom, everyone is treated fairly the way they really deserve.”
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Last words

No challenge is too hard if we dare to ease it out. On this historical Women’s March, Savvycom would love to celebrate all women – especially those in tech. We acknowledge people who go against the odds, who love themselves enough to not let go of their dreams and pay it forward to others. May you all live with love, flaming passion and stay forever beautiful – inside and out.
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