New Year’s Greetings To Our Valued Clients

Happy New Year | Savvycom

New Year is coming and we are all stoked to see what this year has to offer!

2020 has been a really challenging year as we all had to deal with the negative impact of the global pandemic. But here in Vietnam and especially Savvycom, we always remind ourselves that Covid-19 is not just a challenge but also a chance. A chance for us to redefine ourselves as well as our work. And if we have to look back at 2020, we can ensure others that Savvycom has not and will not backdown nor stay put. This year we are proud to say that we have:

  • Received 3 honour awards for relentless efforts and contributions.
  • Successfully established partnerships with 27 partners from both Vietnam and across the seas.
  • Delivered 9+ ground-breaking solutions of 5 different industries.
  • Checked in 6 countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Australia and America.
  • Welcomed 35 new members to our family.

To be able to achieve such goals. we always remind ourselves of our clients, families and friends who without them we could not get to where we are today. Therefore, as a new year is coming – so is a new chapter of Savvycom, we, from the bottom of our heart, wish our valued clients, partners, and employees the eternal happiness and fulfillment in work and life. We also send our massive appreciation to all of our long-loved supporters throughout the past years, with the hope to build a stronger and more solid future with your furtherance. 
May this New Year be an exhilarating closure for your 2020 story, and your 2021 be filled with achievements and successes. Now let’s cheer to a joyful present, a well-remembered past and wait for another chapter-to-come!

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Savvycom and Osam share progress on a new innovative partnership

Furthering the dedication to becoming a global leading IT company, Savvycom is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with OSAM, a premium Cloud and DevOps solution provider for more than 200 clients worldwide. The Savvycom and OSAM partnership will allow the two companies to quickly accelerate their product development and spend more time on innovation to effectively convert data into business outcomes.
Savvycom Osam Cloud and Software App solutions providers
Under the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two parties in July 2019, the two companies will cooperate on technical activities, marketing activities and providing each other’s clients with solutions related to Cloud and Software/App design and development where Savvycom has considerable expertise in Software/App Development and OSAM specialises in DevOps & Cloud services.
“Our alliance with OSAM can help us efficiently leverage OSAM’s powerful Cloud and cloud-based DevOps tools to provide our customers with products to help their enterprises scale smarter, stay more secure and achieve bigger business goals with data than ever before.”, said Tue Nguyen, Savvycom CTO. “Our customers may innovate faster by access to the full power of cloud-based solutions bolstered by AWS and Google Cloud’s world-class security and advanced sharing capabilities.”
Anh Ho, Founder & CEO of OSAM, adds: “We are pleased to announce a new partnership between OSAM and Savvycom. We believe that with our Asia’s leading position in the cloud computing service industry, we will be a trusted and prestigious partner of Savvycom – a Vietnam’s leading software development company to together deliver comprehensive and valuable products and services to customers in Vietnam and worldwide”
Going forward, the additional information will be published on the two companies’ official websites when available.

About OSAM

OSAM is an IT service firm located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Founded in 2017 by a young, dynamic and energetic team of architects and DevOps engineers, the company specialised in providing cloud computing services. Only one year after their establishment, they became the most trusted partner in the network of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform in Asia. OSAM was certified by AWS & GCP to assist companies in cloud services: solution advisory, system migration, system optimisation and cloud management. OSAM has accompanied with over 200 companies and enterprises in their cloud journeys so far to provide professional solutions for their digital transformation.

About Savvycom

Savvycom is Vietnam’s top Global IT Consulting and Agile Software Development Company delivering innovative and top-selling IT solutions worldwide to SMEs and fast-growing firms since 2009. Savvycom tailors high tech solutions to satisfy clients’ unique needs and expectations then help them reach their business goals. Till now, Savvycom has successfully carried out over 300 premium projects from world-beating web/mobile application development to enterprise management solutions to more than 100 SMEs across the globe.
More info on Savvycom:

More info on OSAM:

Savvycom and CY Global strategic partnership for BusinessNow

On 2019, May 25th, CY Global and Savvycom have joint each other on a close, cooperative meeting at Savvycom’s headquarter in Hanoi, Vietnam for an MOU signature about “BusinessNow”, a SaaS-based cloud service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam and Korea.

BusinessNow cloud platform connecting Vietnam and Korea business

Savvycom cooperates CY Global to develop a software silk-road between Vietnam and Korea in BusinessNow platform.

Announced on ETNews Korea, the two companies will set up a global R&D centre for software customisation in Hanoi, Vietnam in June. Thereby, we will cooperate on planning and launching “BusinessNow”. The cloud service platform will be equipped with a variety of solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Approval, Production Management System (MES), video conferencing solution, and groupware required by small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Korea and Vietnam. Supported keys are also included.
This strategic, mutually cooperative partnership on “BusinessNow” is expected to optimise the resources and efforts, as well as enhance the level of proficiency and innovation of each company in SaaS development. Also, by joining hands across the border, the role of is well-leveraged in foreign eyes, promising for both Savvycom and CY Global to advance overseas.
CY Global CEO commented on their latest partnership: As a company that has a great appreciation for partners that were, are and will be with us through thick and thin, we place complete trust in them and are willing to give everything we have to them. Now that Savvycom has become one of our precious partners, I hope that we will accompany each other in not only this cross-road but also along the long, rough ride after then”.
The alliance even means much more than that when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Ms Van Dang, Savvycom CEO, has said: “This partnership is not only about the single benefit of each company. It’s much bigger than that. Through our cooperation, we create job opportunities for many job-seekers, materialise both companies’ vision to contribute socially. We also dedicated to being the pioneer in expanding the market for local businesses and bridging the strategic relationship between Vietnam and Korea”.
BusinessNow cloud-based platform for SMEs businesses

BusinessNow is a cloud-based platform that connects SMEs businesses from Vietnam and Korea.

Savvycom and CY Global, through this first-step cooperation, wish to see more outbursts of each company in foreign markets in the future as well as contribute more to client experiences. Therefore, this will be a long-lasted, solid partnership that shall tighten the two countries’ relationship.
Savvycom is a global agile software company based in Vietnam that is listed as #6 leading B2B Companies in Asia in 2018 on Clutch. Have been experiencing and continuously growing for almost 10 years, we commit to deliver the best solutions to any company around the globe through developing world-beating apps, professional technology consults and outsource human resources in IT sector. Furthermore, with our products and services, we hope to make our society a much better place.
Website: https://savvycomsoftware.com
Facebook: https://fb.com/savvycom
Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/savvycomsoftware
Email: [email protected]
CY Global is a company of BSG Partners that has grown customer value by providing professional SAP solutions and other technology services. They have built up their position as the No.1 SAP Technology Consulting Partner in the Korean market for the past 20 years, and have been in the forefront of strategic discussions with SAP Consulting and Outsourcing in Vietnam. With a vision to “Make The World Stand Out”, CY Global strives to better the world off with their strong will and dedication.
Website: https://cyglobal.net
Facebook: https://fb.com/cyglobal.net
Email: [email protected]

IT Outsourcing companies – How to find the best match

Working with the IT outsourcing companies may benefit us a lot, but it requires carefully efforts regarding planning and execution. Below are 10 necessary things to keep in mind, if you are thinking about outsourcing IT or IT-related activities.

1 – Destination, Partner and Model – first criteria for IT outsourcing

We have lots of things to consider just in this division, but Savvycom would like to show out 3 main points that you can’t ignore.

  • First, consider carefully about the destination. You had better attention to political stability, English proficiency, and access to competent resources. Vietnam is a potential destination for you to think about along with India or China. Please check out why you should outsource software development to Vietnam here.
  • Second, who can be your partner? You can make a long list of potential IT outsourcing companies, but measurement to choose the most appropriate one is not easy. Again, it’s important to list out criteria to judge which is the compatible IT outsourcing company for your business. Savvycom has been done that task for you just in case you need more references. Please contact us for FREE CONSULTATION and access to the vendor list in Vietnam.
  • Third, which IT outsourcing model?

If you select IT pure service sourcing, you may consider whether your organisation is able to handle this type of cooperation with complex processes and governance.

You want an IT outsourcing company to provide a full packet of service and you control through your existing organisational setup? So, are your project managers capable of leading a culturally heterogeneous and geographically diverse group of employees? Utilise an outsourcing model which incorporates elements from both, is it possible?

You may have heard about team-based and fixed cost model. Interesting in learning more about them and what is suitable for your requirements? Please keep subscribing us to update in the following post, or contact us directly to find out now.

2 – Deconstruction as demand to Outsource or Not

Which tasks should we outsource? Whether a task is good for IT outsourcing based on a variety of factors but mostly about business demand for business management and development such as exclusivity, complexity, maturity and risk tolerance.

For example, if your business is working in the logistics industry running a few warehouses and trucks for delivery as well as supply chain, you may be excellent in operating the whole system, knowing how to process and keep it working well. However, to manage it better and reduce human resource costs, you’d better have a computing system or software tools. Will you be willing to build a software engineer team or even an IT department just to create and maintain that system? Do you ever think about managing a technical team that you do not even understand exactly what they are doing? That also means you will be distracted and share your time for extra tasks. Besides, there are lots of risks that you could never be able to handle them unless you have a deep knowledge of technology.

So, that’s time for you to think about outsourcing! Looking for a trustworthy technology agency is a way out for you to reduce costs, increase effectiveness, as well as save your time and your budget.

3 – Encouragement for IT Outsourcing companies

IT outsourcing is like a long-term investment. This partnership will not be successful if you ignore to maintain the enjoyment of the cooperation with IT outsourcing company. Keep a win-win situation is the way for both of you to succeed in that partnership.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep a balance between your own business case and the IT outsourcing company’s counterpart. Consideration is concluded in one single question: how to assure that the IT outsourcing company is encouraged to help us reach the goals in our business case?

Following as contract terms is a good thing, in case both of you are able to do it. The negotiation should be processed under the respect of each other. Pushing down the price, putting more strict terms or mentioning that many suppliers are willing to lower their prices significantly to win the contract will just lead to short-term fulfilment or negative results.

4 – Transfer of Knowledge in IT Outsourcing Projects

Normally, IT outsourcing projects is a contractual 6-month transitional period. During the period, the client’s employees are supposed to communicate knowledge to the supplier’s consultants. “When I talk to IT managers about the amount of time it takes for a new employee to get up to speed, most state that it takes up to 2 years”. With that perspective, it is not so surprising that most companies who outsource IT complain because the supplier lacks knowledge about their business!

Setting up a structured process based on an analysis of the concrete needs of the supplier’s consultants is the ideal solution for effective communication for knowledge transfer. Subsequently, a plan should be devised which:

  • Specifies the knowledge to be transferred.
  • Identifies people responsible for the transfer.
  • Looks for methods that are the most suitable for the type of knowledge at hand.
  • States how long the partner must set aside for the transfer.
  • Sets up the environment and means to evaluate whether the goal has been met.

5 – Governance in Organizations Working with IT Outsourcing Companies

Working across organisational and geographical borders is substantially different from working with your colleagues who you talk with every day. Many businesses transfer tasks to an IT outsourcing company but forget one important thing. Can you guess?

They must also adapt their own organisation to a new way of working, including “recipient organisation”. It is accountable for making sure that the outsourced activities are completed properly, also maintaining the contract and the relations to this IT outsourcing companies. A transparent and efficient governance structure, which 2 sides agree on, as well as detailed service level agreements (SLA) and key performance indicators (KPI). Those deals allow proactive problem solving and improve cooperation.

6 – Maturity of Processes – Listen to IT Outsourcing Supplier

The processes of big international IT-suppliers are often at a high level of maturity. They also many experiences before establishing a partnership with IT Outsourcing Companies, so: Listen to them!

Standardisation is an essential part of the added value one may get from an outsourcing agreement with one of the large suppliers.

If you determinedly insist on doing “your way”, they are likely to accept it. However, it is also likely to end up with poor communication and coordination. Their standards are better and you can see it as a chance to improve the maturity of your own processes.

7 – Sociocultural factors and Language – Have you considered this challenge?

You should carefully consider English fluency as a vital factor. Communication about IT-field language without English fluency seems to be not easy at all.

Likewise, it is challenging to work with people from vastly different cultures, if you are not used to doing so. It’s a good idea to open culture training too.

With the right facilitator, software engineers in the IT outsourcing Companies will learn about the new and different culture they have to work with, and probably they could find a number of new perspectives on the current cultural background to find out the tools to help them handle the cultural gap.

8 – Virtual Communication with IT Outsourcing Companies

Regarding far-away cooperation, some still have difficulties with virtual communication, although we do it every single day. Reason? In most cases, we know the people we interact with and we tend to do alright.

In contrast, with remote cooperation, we basically don’t know people very well. And we need to improve at virtual communication, to exchange information in remote partnership successfully.

Good virtual communication is not just about having the best available one. In fact, technology alone will not work out the challenges we are facing in right now. But technology is the main factor can help.

Additionally, we had better learn how to communicate in a new and different way with people in remote cooperation. To do that, you should take knowledge about the quirks of virtual communication as well as practice.

9 – Keep up the Motivation of your employees despite IT Outsourcing Initiatives

Many managers experience that their own employees’ incentive declines in relation to the time initiatives of working IT Outsourcing Companies come in. Their confidence and self-esteem are down because they are not handed in the job in the company they are working for. “How can some foreign guys who just graduated university do the job I spent 15 years learning how to do?” they might wonder.

If your employees think in that way, your attempts working with IT Outsourcing Companies will eventually flop. Offshore IT consultants may make some simple mistakes, employees will consider it as incompetence. They may even avoid interaction with new consultants. Therefore, perceiving necessary understanding and domain knowledge for your company is hard for the new people.

So, how can we fix the problems between employees’ motivation and IT outsourcing consultants?

Perhaps there are 2 helpful solutions for these:

  • Open honestly about the reasons behind ‘moving jobs’ to IT outsourcing companies
    Support the employees in the adaptation to the new organisational setup
  • To simply conclude: The main groundwork of successful IT outsourcing projects is solely the employees. So, preparation for the organisational changes should be one of the first priorities.

10 – Get Professional Guidance for the whole IT Outsourcing Process

It’s best if you can reference and receive professional guidance from experienced IT outsourcing consultants. They can show you both the positive and negative sides of this process, and guide you through some lessons they have learned during cooperation with IT outsourcing companies.

It’s difficult and expensive to improve cooperation if there’s not a good thing happen. So, you may want to be precautious and avoid it right for the first time.

So, to find out external guidance is the optimal option, especially with the field you are not familiar with. Make it right the first time is much better and cheaper than solve the gone wrong situation at a later stage.

Do you know now how to find the best match IT Outsourcing company?

Those 10 ideas are just for you to consider if you’re still wondering IT Outsourcing is the right answer for you or what kind of company is suitable for your requirements. We must say that direct consultation is better for you to understand or to make a decision. Or, listening to what other companies have done and achieved is also a reference.
Let’s check out what Savvycom’s clients talk about us and about Outsourcing their software development projects to Vietnam.

If you have any question or not sure about outsourcing IT services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and get the vendor assessment.


Savvycom listed in Vietnam’s 50 Leading IT Companies 2018

On September 18th, the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) held a ceremony to award Vietnam’s 50 Leading IT Companies in 2018. This award has been annually held by VINASA since 2014 with the aim to honour prestigious, proficient and leading Software development companies in the Vietnamese technology industry while promoting cooperation with international partners.

Vietnam leading it companies 2018, vietnam it companies, vietnam adwards

Vietnam’s 50 Leading IT Companies 2018.

According to VINASA’s report, in 2017, revenue from software development services in Vietnam reached over $6 billion, software outsourcing revenue reached over $1 billion, while the global IT markets are valued at over $700 billion (according to Statista 2018). In 2014, Savvycom was honoured for the first time in the Top 30 Software development companies in the line of BPO, ITO and KPO. This September, Savvycom has made its second appearance on the list due to the impressive growth and significant achievements.

At the beginning of 2018, Savvycom took a breakthrough in the race to ‘Industry 4.0’ by cooperating with the University of Engineering & Technology, Vietnam National University to launch the AI Lab, which specializes in the research and development of Artificial Intelligence applied in software development processes. Ms Van Dang, Savvycom’s CEO, said: “With the general goal of making Vietnam become a prestigious technology leader on the world map, Savvycom always has a high appreciation for values of professionalism, strengthens the services, becomes long-term strategic partners and simultaneously establishes a strong IT community in Vietnam. In addition, the company also strives to build an international network that not only expands the horizon of business opportunities but also creates a resourceful learning circle among leaders across various fields of business.

In the spirit of mutual benefits and collaboration, Savvycom wishes to go partners with companies in a wide range of industries including IT, Healthcare, Education, Finance, E-Commerce, etc. to keep up with the 4.0 industry revolution movement.”

Savvycom, top 50 leading it companies, top it companies 2018

Savvycom listed as Vietnam’s 50 Leading IT Companies 2018

Founded in 2009 and run by Ms Van Dang – a talented and ambitious woman entrepreneur, Savvycom has been constantly striving to become a trusted partner to international enterprises and organizations, aiming at the global goal in the field of software development services. After nearly 10 years of development, Savvycom has listed itself on Clutch’s Top 30 Global App Developers and Top 25 IT Outsourcing Companies. Ms Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom is also one of the speakers at TEDx and many other national and international events, listing herself at no.3 of Top 15 Global Leaders must watch in 2017 on Forbes.

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Savvycom and TomoChain team up in a strategic worldwide partnership

TomoChain and Savvycom are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership which accelerates Savvycom’s world-class, top-selling IT solutions and services adding to the global value chain, whilst significantly expanding TomoChain’s reach in the United States, Australia, Europe and other keys, high-growth markets. The new partnership is expected to spark innovation in Blockchain solutions, as well as, decentralized application ecosystems by maximizing the product development talents, and resources at both companies.

savvycom seo, ms van dang, tomochain ceo

Long Vuong, CEO and Founder of TomoChain, said, “The relationship with Savvycom represents a powerful opportunity for TomoChain to significantly expand our presence and brand, in many important markets. Savvycom has clearly demonstrated it’s ability to apply its considerable resources and expertise, not only to enter, but to lead major market segments. We’re excited to partner with Savvycom as we focus our combined energies at reaching mainstream enterprises with leading Blockchain solutions. On the technical side, the collaboration with Savvycom will help to deliver new solutions combining Blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence over the long term.”

Savvycom’s CEO and Co-Founder, Van Dang commented, “This co-operation with TomoChain in blockchain solutions and combining with our own strength in research, development and deployment of AI technology, will bring more value to our customers and partners. Savvycom also expects that this relationship could enhance both companies’ position and brand in the international arena along with bringing Vietnam IT industry onto the IT world map.”

savvycom, savvycom vs tomochain, partnership with tomochain

Savvycom is Vietnam’s top Global App Developer and Tech Co-Founders delivering software services worldwide to Startups and fast-growth Businesses. Savvycom creates successful applications by not only just providing development and deployment, but also researching, scaling and improving your ideas, effectively acting as an extended CTO.

Building world-beating applications is our business. Not only offering full service of web, cloud & mobile application development, we have been concentrating on delivering smart IT solutions which render turnkey IT services for all client types. Till now, Savvycom has successfully delivered over 300 premium mobile applications to more than +100 international clients in a variety of industries, such as E-commerce, IoT, Healthcare, Education, Field Solution, etc.

TomoChain is an innovative solution to the scalability problem with the Ethereum blockchain, and other current blockchain platforms. TomoChain relies on a system of 150 Masternodes with Proof of Stake Voting (POSV) consensus that can support near-zero fee, and 2-second transaction confirmation time. Security, stability and chain finality are guaranteed via novel techniques such as double validation, staking via smart-contracts and “true” randomization processes. TomoChain supports all EVM-compatible smart-contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers. New scaling techniques such as sharding, EVM parallelisation, private-chain generation, hardware integration will be continuously researched and incorporated into TomoChain’s Masternode architecture which will be an ideal scalable smart-contract public blockchain for decentralized apps, token issuances and token integrations for small and big businesses.

More info on Savvycom:
Website: https://savvycomsoftware.com
Facebook: https://fb.com/savvycom
Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/savvycomsoftware
Email: [email protected]

More info on TomoChain:
Website: https://tomochain.com
Facebook: https://fb.com/tomochainofficial
Telegram: https://t.me/tomochain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TomoChainANN

Savvycom at RISE 2018

Given the exciting opportunity of RISE 2018, Savvycom’s board of directors, Ms Van Dang, co-founder and CEO, and Mr Duc Ngo, Deputy CEO, has been invited to Asia’s World City to join the technological movement.

Producing by the team behind Web Summit, RISE 2018 is promised to be the largest tech conference in Asia. That promise has been fulfilled.
RISE 2018 brought together the biggest companies and the boldest startups from 102 countries to Hong Kong, where their incredible stories and experiences will be heard by hundreds of investors and thousands of attendees for three days of legendary networking, from the 10th to 12th of July.

Ms Van Dang, in particular, has been greeted with Ms Wendy Tan, the Global Partnership Manager of RISE, at Night Submit – where speakers, investors, media and VIP attendees poured themselves a drink and enjoyed the beautiful view of Hong Kong’s loveliest restaurants. As Savvycom expanded and opened a new AI Lab, this has been an excellent opportunity for our CEO to listen to the inspiring stories of startups around the world, connect with international fast-growing companies and offer our BPO services regarding the web, mobile app, and software developments.

Savvycom, Van Dang, Wendy Tan

Ms Van Dang and Ms Wendy Tan at RISE’s Summit Night.

With that said, here are some of the highlights of RISE 2018:

The event started off on day 1 with an electric spirit, created by more than 525 startups demonstrating their products and achievements – from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to Data Science, Autonomous Vehicle – at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

RISE 2018, RISE, savvycom

RISE’s exhibition floor.


RISE’s Women in Tech Lounge.

At the center stage, lights were shined on Neil Shen’ story of rising to the top, Jenny Lee’s unique perspective on being a women while investing in technology, Werner Vogels’ brilliant presentation about applications through machine learning, DJI’s live demo of the company’s smart drone and last but not least – the long-awaited appearance of Sophia The Robot.

Sophia, RISE 2018, RISE

Sophia the Robot at RISE.

Moving on to day 2 and things just kept on getting better. Acknowledging some major influences of the 4.0 revolution on modern society, Kara Swisher with Meeta Singh and Phil Chen gave the attendees a rundown of how technology is designed to generate tech addiction. After that, Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum, took over with his insight regarding Blockchain adaptation to the Internet. Finally, Sinovation Ventures’ Anita Huang hit a home run with her presentation about investing in the most consequential revolution in human history – Artificial Intelligence.

RISE 2018, RISE, Savvycom

An overview of RISE during the discussion.

Day 3 ended with an absolute high note. Cheetah Mobile’s Fu Sheng started off with his presentation about the future of AI-adapted robots and what opportunities it will create for humanity. After that, Bloomberg’s Shuli Ren led an excellent discussion regarding where the world-leading companies are investing their money on. The crow then grew wild with Facebook sensation Ms Yeah and YouTube star Jenna Mourey as they talking about the sustainability of internet-born celebrities. At last, Searching’s cast and producers gave the attendees a heartfelt presentation about cyber safety issues that modern parents need to acknowledge.

RISE 2018, RISE, Savvycom

Fu Sheng and his presentation ‘Why do I want to make Robots ?’.

Around the center stage, many activities were also taking places such as Startup University, SaaS Monster, and PandaConf + creatiff. These were all specific presentation and showcases, tailored to answer enterprise’ most frequent-ask questions when venturing into the technology solutions and software development industries. We are particularly fascinated with the SaaS Monster series of events since software distribution is one of the models our company runs by.

RISE 2018

Ms Mada Seghete, Founder of Branch, at SaaS Monster Stage.

To sum up, Savvycom would like to send the warmest thank you to the creators, staff, and volunteers of RISE 2018. All have been a wonderful memory.

We, Savvycom Team, hope to be there once again at RISE 2019.
Note: All pictures used in this article belong to RISE 2018’s team.
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Welcoming Cherie Blair Foundation for Women to Savvycom

On 13th June 2018, Savvycom team was delighted with a chance to greet Mrs Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister who is the leader of the delegation from Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Qualcomm Wireless Reach at our home-sweet-home headquarters in Hanoi.

Cherie Blair, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Qualcomm, Van Dang, Savvycom

Mrs Cherie Blair, Ms Van Dang and the delegation from CBFW and Qualcomm.

Cherie Blair, Van Dang, Savvycom

Mrs Cherie Blair, Ms Van Dang and Savvycom’s Management Team.

Cherie Blair, Van Dang, Savvycom

Mrs Cherie Blair, Ms Van Dang, and Savvycom’s Outstanding Employees.

The meeting started off with Ms Van Dang, Savvycom CEO, talking about her personal journey, from selling peanuts to help her mom out in the street corner 30 years ago to having an international business that appeared on Clutch’s TOP 25 IT outsourcing companies. She mentioned the help of her mentor from the Mentoring Women in Business programme with love and gratitude, believing that it was the encounter that changed the course of her life. She also stated that Mrs Cherie Blair has been a huge inspiration, being such a go-getter and a prominent voice for equal treatments between boys and girls.

For those reasons, Ms Van Dang now returns to the programme as a mentor, seeking to help talented women to join the IT industry.

During the visit, Ms Van Dang also took Mrs Cherie Blair and the delegation on a tour of Savvycom office. There, Mrs Cherie Blair was fascinated with Savvycom’s Happy Corner and the motivational slogans hanging around the office.

Cherie Blair, Savvycom

Mrs Cherie Blair’s favourite quote at Savvycom Office.


For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Savvycom at:

A Press Conference of Upcoming VNITO 2017

Savvycom, on behalf of VNITO, is pleased to announce a press conference of an upcoming “VNITO Conference 2017 – Asian Tier 1 Delivery Destination”. The conference will be held on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 from 8:30 – 11:30 am, at Sai Gon Prince Hotel – 63 Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
The conference has two sessions:
A press session: Summary Report of VNITO Conference 2015 and introducing an upcoming VNITO Conference 2017.
A Discussion: How to make Software Industry becomes a Billion Dollar Industry of Ho Chi Minh City?
More detail of the conference below:

Time Contents Speakers
Session 1: A Press
8:30 – 9:00 Welcome
9:00- 9:10 Introduce Speakers and Guests
9:10 – 9:30 Summary report of VNITO 2015 and Introduce an upcoming VNITO 2017 Mr. Lam Nguyen Hai Long
Session 2: A Discussion of “How to make Software Industry becomes a Billion Dollar Industry of Ho Chi Minh City?
9:30 – 9:50 Vietnam Software Industry through A Global Understand and Estimate Mr. Viet Ho – CPO, Russell Investments
9:50 – 10:10 Market Demand and Trend in America Mr. Hung Q.Nguyen – Chairman/CEO, LogiGear Corp.
10:10- 10:30 Market Demand and Trend in Japan Mr. Nguyen Huu Le – Chairman, TMA Solutions.
10:30 – 11:30 Discussion and Q&A
11:30 A Thank You Speech and Photography

Press contact: Ms. Ngoc Hoa E: [email protected] M: 0888 877 603
Business contact: Ms. Tam Pham E: [email protected] M: 0909 863 349
VNITO Conference 2017:
VNITO Conference 2017 will be organized to promote the image of Vietnam as an attractive destination for IT services, while expanding searching the clients and partners for domestic enterprises, and create an effective business matching platform for buyers and Vietnamese IT outsourcing vendors. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about Vietnam’s software industry, the business and investment environment, visit software and high-tech parks, and join busines matching. Examples of topics that will be covered are industry reports, case studies and experiences from big name companies who have invested in Vietnam or have worked with Vietnamese vendors, human resources, education and training, the labor market, and infrastructure. More than 150 multi-national and high-tech companies from over 20 countries are expected to attend, along with 250 top Vietnam offshore software outsourcing companies, and 20 IT universities.
The conference will be held on the 19th & 20th, October, 2017 at GEM Center (08 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao Ward, Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). We hope this event will help you to find more collaboration opportunities with Vietnamese companies and leverage our engineering talents to increase your competitive advantage.
Please find the necessary information in the attached files or online at http://vnito2017.vnito.org. For additional information about this event, please contact Ms. Nga Nguyen, email [email protected], mobile (+84) 987 036 398.
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5 Challenges to an Australian Startup’s Success

The technology boom has changed the evolution of business worldwide, and it has become readily apparent that technology is the industry of choice for today’s ambitious entrepreneurs. In this competitive arena, however, Australian startup entrepreneurs can find themselves struggling with unpredictable hurdles and unforeseen roadblocks that can derail a dream before it gets off the ground.

While there are many factors to consider when starting a technology business, here are five that are critical for any Australian startup’s success:

Starting with right idea

The first challenge for even the shrewdest entrepreneur is settling on the right idea. It is difficult to overstate how important it is to stand out in a saturated market. A successful business idea depends on your ability to identify a unique opportunity in the marketplace; an unfulfilled niche where potential customers are looking for creative solutions to problems that no one else is addressing.

If your idea can address these needs with quality and value, you can absolutely increase your footprint in even the most competitive spaces. Customers spend their money for valuable things, and once you have identified your customer, it becomes your number one job to project the value and quality of your services.

Australian startups need big ideas

Australian startups need big ideas

This is where the concept of idea refinement becomes essential; your initial concept is like a rough diamond, which needs to be cut and polished into perfection. By soliciting feedback from customers in your targeted market, you can hone and refine your approach into the best possible solution for your customers’ needs and make your proposition more valuable.

Building an excellent team

No business can be successful without a passionate, focused and dedicated team, and it’s no secret that hiring employees can be nerve-wracking experience. Choosing the right candidates is absolutely critical to the progress and success of your business. Essential skills are needed for your business to survive and grow in a competitive world.

A good entrepreneur should know exactly how to find candidates with these essential skills; however, delays in finding right employees can also take up valuable time and create bottlenecks in the workflow. The best approach is often a combination of outsourcing recruitment to credible agencies and reviewing potential candidates to determine the best fit for your company’s particular needs and culture.

Excellent startup team

Excellent startup team

Raising capital

Coming up with a brilliant business idea is hard, but free. But the costs of finding workspaces, hiring employees and doing product rollouts can get very high quickly. Startups can find it difficult and stressful to get business loans, in part because of the credit crunch from the financial crisis in 2008. Crowd-funding efforts may not be successful when potential investors don’t see the worth or potential in a particular idea. Instead, they might pool resources and invest in the biggest, most promising businesses.

Raising investment capital for startups is no walk in the park, but there is almost always a way to overcome it. You must develop and refine your ability to sell your idea and vision to potential investors, to communicate with your passion and confidence, to overcome objections and show them the wisdom of investing in your business. In addition, you can solicit family and friends for personal loans and negotiate lower interest rates than those that the banks charge. Another possibility is to obtain a secured loan using your own properties as collateral.

Customer loyalty

The most important thing for all Australian startups is to earn and keep the trust and loyalty of your customers. The customer is the most important part of any business equation, and no business can succeed without enthusiastic and loyal customers. Keeping customers satisfied and regularly exceeding their expectations is the only way to build and maintain a successful business.

You’ll need to employ customer-centric policies and practices and put customer satisfaction at the core of your business philosophy. The product or service you provide is really only the beginning; even meeting your customers’ expectations is only part of your success. Providing every customer with a quality experience, consistently exceeding expectations, and establishing a reputation for excellence will ensure that your business can scale up rapidly and secure a prominent position in the marketplace.

How to build customer loyalty

How to build customer loyalty

Lacking Advisor

As fledgling companies, startup founders find it difficult when losing vision in the middle of road. Consequently, this might pull down all efforts from the beginning to zero. Keeping your vision on track is essential to prevent your company from collapsing. Therefore, you need advisors. Even startups have brilliant ideas and concepts, but the term of how it works in reality is totally unpredictable. Obviously, this is a serious challenge to startups who do not have a strong and appropriate strategy. By analyzing insight product proposition and market segment, advisors can definitely guide you to the most efficient solutions. Also, they can give advice for your business to stand out in saturated market.

Mobile App Development Advisors at Savvycom

Mobile App Development Advisors at Savvycom

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Adam Dobson works as Idea's Driver at Savvycom - A Mobile App Developer

Adam Dobson works as Idea’s Driver at Savvycom – A Mobile App Developer

Contact us via: 

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  • Hotline: +1 408 663 8600 (US); +612 8006 1349 (AUS); +84 32 675 2886 (VN)
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