Savvycom CEO at APEC Conference in Hue 2017

Savvycom’s CEO Ms. Van Dang appeared in the Women Business And Smart Technology Seminar, part of the larger APEC Conference in Hue 2017 as an invited speaker. The topic was Smart Technology And APEC Women’s Economic Empowerment In The 4th Industrial Revolution. Ms. Van Dang represented the Vietnam case in Success Stories of Women in ICT among APEC Economies, among other presenters.

Ms. Van Dang and other participants of the seminar.Ms. Van Dang and other women at the APEC seminar.

During the presentation, Ms. Van Dang shared the successes of ICT in Vietnam while also addressing common issues faced by women in ICT in Vietnam. She also introduced to the audience her journey with Savvycom and the three factors that helped her overcome all difficulties in life and career. At the end of the presentation, she proposed recommendations for governments to increase women’s interest in ICT, including job guidance from an early age or establishing official organizations.
Ms. Van Dang's keynote speechMs. Van Dang’s keynote speech about factors that helped her overcome challenges with Savvycom.
The seminar was an insightful event for both Ms. Van Dang and other participants. It successfully promoted APEC women’s active participation in the economy using smart technologies. The success stories of women ICT entrepreneurs also prepared APEC women for business opportunities in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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