Savvycom Team 1

Liem Chi Phan

Head of R&D
22 Years

With more than 21 years of experience in the Telecom and IT industry, I have a desire to improve the technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals, discover and implement new technologies that yield competitive advantage.

Computer Languages:

  • Node.js/Express.js: 5 years experience with RestFull Api for multi-environment application (web/mobile/desktop on Linux or Windows Base) and interactive connectivities with third party like Facebook API and Google Map API
  • Redux and ReactJS: For current projects from 2018 ( honestly, Webcomponent is my authentic preferable but I have to use them because of projects legacy)
  • Javascript/CSS3/HTML5: Many years of experience with projects for Game online, Web Real Time Communication (includes Audio and Video for web with VP8 Standard). Very familiar with new standard of HTML5 (custom tags, custom attributes, UserMedia..etc). Good skill with CSS3 and Bootstrap Open Framework. Guru level with WebSocket and Javascript.
  • C/C++: My favorite languages. I used to use these languages from approx 20 years ago in projects for dealing with ObjectARX of AutoCAD Software since I was a student in Australia and get involved with them in Code System Techno JSC in Kogarah/Sydney. Recently, I have to work again with C/C++ for some blockchain projects.
  • Python: Applying python for blockchain project with Celery and Flack framework. Applied for Crypto-currencies Exchange projects.
  • C#/ASP.NET/.NET: Various projects for Banking System (with Seabank, DaiA Bank…etc), Telecom System (With Viettel Telecom, Mobile Phone, Vinaphone..etc) during 15 years after graduation.
  • Java: My native computer languages. I’m very familiar with core Java and its techniques like RMI, Bean and JCE, JSSE …etc. 
  • Visual Basic: Projects in Australia and Vietnam while studying and after graduation.
  • PHP: Familiar with PHP Laravel, Magento but not willing to work with this language.
  • Some of other script languages: like TCL/Tk, Bone shell in Linux has been used with Automation Testing Processes.


  • Amazon Web Service (AWS): 2.5 years with EC2. Lambda functions, S3 Storage


  • NoSQL Database: MongoDB(5 year exps)
  • GraphDatabase: Neo4J (3 years exps)
  • RDBM: Microsoft SQL (Many years exps with several versions)

Software Security:

  • Deeply understand RSA, Diffie Hellman, DES, AESalgorithms
  • Have more than 15 years experience with Digital Certificate, Cryptographic System.
  • Familiar with Banking System and its Security Functions include ISO Message System.

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