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Tuyen Dinh

Chief Revenue Officer
Regional Sales Director:
02 Years
Regional Sales Manager:
03 Years

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Mr. Tuyen Dinh (Vincent) with Savvycom Team at our New Headquarters Celebration

With a wide range of experience in business development in both international & local markets, Vincent profoundly understands the market insights to design actionable go-to-market plans to approach markets successfully in the APAC region.

For any organization he has been working for, he always brings high energy to drive teams inspirationally with deep learnings and coaching about enterprise sales methodologies, leadership, effective communication & presentation, time & multi-tasks management, etc.

He believes in putting people in the right position to let them shine. Vincent is sometimes a little aggressive in getting things done. He dares to speak up & change, aiming to bring a new breath to the companies.

For the valuable customers/ partners, Vincent is conscientious in any stage to bring values back to the clients/ partners; he respects a win-win relationship.

With a proven track record through several years working in the IT industry, Vincent is your trusted IT partner. He will accompany companies to get the business transformed digitally and achieve growth as planned.

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