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Part 1: Why app developers need to do more testing coverage?

Mobile-App-TestingApp testing is something that we cannot ignore today

Testing process

It’s the fact that no one really wants to do it. The reasons why? Because it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming. But unfortunately, it’s needed to ensure that your consumers have a positive experience when they use your mobile applications. And it’s vital that you need to make sure the experience is a great one for every consumer anytime they use your application, starting with that very first time.

Fail to do a good job of testing and obviously, the customer will end up doing it for you—and unlike your testing team, your customers don’t have the tools or the time to report back problems. And keep in mind that your customers don’t want to be treated like guinea pigs. When they find a fault, they simply never come back, you’ll never hear a word from them and of course, your company image and reputation will be ruined. The goal of your testing efforts is not only to find errors.

Perhaps the developers have actually done a great job and did not make any mistakes. Instead, your goal in testing should be to understand the quality of your offering. The questions should be put in mind like “Does it really work? Any other related issues that may occur then? Is its function as expected as customer required? Will it meet the needs of users, so that they come back again and again?


But when it comes to testing mobile applications there are unique challenges. The challenges of mobile testing present you with trade-offs that you need to consider and choices that you need to make about the mix of different techniques and methods that you will use in testing. Each testing choice you consider will have pros and cons associated with it, and you will probably find that no one testing choice will be completely satisfying.

Rather, you will need to consider a testing strategy that combines different testing options that together provide you with the best overall testing result that balances the trade-off between cost, quality, and time-to-market. Therefore, if you put in mind the ideas of building successful mobile apps, the role of “Testing” process is viral. In a highly competitive world of mobile applications, getting high-quality apps to market quickly can make or break the success of a product or company.

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