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Business sustainability is all about how a company manages its triple bottom lines - from financial to social and environmental risk. Together with the changes come advancements, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) seems to be the advancement that businesses need. It can capture data, learn insights, discover patterns and deliver recommendations. It is the key to informed decisions, the vital factor in keeping companies sustainable and profitable in the long-run. ​
AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning: The simplified distinction
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Subscription Business Model: The Key to Sustainability
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Image Recognition: Its revolutionary role in the business world One of the fastest moving, most influential—and debatably most fascinating — technological advancement of all is image recognition.
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Savvycom at RISE 2018

Given the exciting opportunity of RISE 2018, Savvycom’s board of directors, Ms.Van Dang, co-founder and CEO, and Mr.Duc Ngo, Deputy CEO, has been invited to Asia’s World City to join the technological movement.
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Savvycom expands to accommodate nationwide growth After almost 10 years, Savvycom have 100 engineers working on more than 300 successful projects for approximately 50 global partners. Our constant efforts turned to a lot of reputation awards, such as one of Top 30 Leading IT companies in VN and Top Global mobile app developers by Clutch.
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