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Power of Machine Learning & AI 
Machine learning and artificial intelligence advances in five areas will ease data prep, discovery, analysis, prediction, and data-driven decision making.

AI's Systematic Problems

Reality is suddenly dawning for many who believe that the current AI tools in the market are a silver bullet to solve everything from cancer to your toughest business problems.. 

Savvycom - Getting Ready for Apple WWDC 2018
What to Expect at This Year’s Conference! Believe it or not, the end of April is already here which means summer is quickly approaching. In the tech world, summer means big conferences and big news. One of the biggest conferences of this summer will happen on June...
Savvycom Aussie - Australian Alumni Business Expo in HanoiThe first time The Alumni Business Exhibition Event has been conducted in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Let's talk with Savvycom to build your beautiful apps and software products!
AI4LIFE is an international forum for practitioners and researchers among Academia, Industry, and Government to present novel research results in AI. It's an opportunity for us to communicate and exchange innovative ideas, as well as to discuss potential apps. Let's bring future technologies to business values with Savvycom!
On 16 May 2018 in Hanoi, Ms. Van Dang - Savvycom's CEO will attend and speak at the event. This showcase will provide opportunities for institutional linkages, research collaborations and commercial partnerships. Let's register to see what is going to happen! 
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