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The QR code (Quick Response code) was first introduced by Denso Wave in 1994, including black dots and squares in a given square on the white theme. It seems that QR code will be very popular within the next few years. It is easy to realize that reading a QR code is faster, more convenient than reading a traditional code. In this article, we are going to discover what QR codes can do to assist our daily life. Read more: How QR codes benefit businesses

1. Money and time saving

QR code is a useful and effective way to get information. With just one moment of scanning, a URL or piece of details about the subject will show up immediately. For example, visitors can find out the detailed and updated information about the exhibits by scanning their QR codes. A great deal of money and time will be easily saved as a result – there’s no need to look everywhere for information.

2. Easier shopping

Strange and unbelievable as it may sound, it’s true. Thanks to QR code and Mobile Internet, we can buy anything we want wherever we are. Have you ever been gasping for a product on a poster while you are driving and then going home finding yourself unable to remember the product name? You want to know more about that product but you can’t? Such a thing won’t happen anymore if you just scan the QR code of the product. Again, you won’t have to seek everywhere for the information of that product. A quick scan will lead you to all you need to know: price, notorious level, manufacturing and expiry dates and so forth. Scanning advertising with QR code on mobile phone3. Easy access to information

Tired of having to display tons of paper to introduce yourself? Then QR code is here to save your day. Your information, including your name, date of birth, address, phone numbers, emails, website, etc. can be easily stored in a small code. That much information should be enough to replace an ordinary name card.

4. A green invitation

The environment is dying. We’re using too much paper. Let’s help reduce that impact by using a QR code as a meeting/event invitation rather than printing hundreds of them. For instance, a person’s registration of an event can be checked easily with a quick scan. Event hosts or organizers can control their attendants and avoid paper-related troubles more effectively. Although the QR code was introduced 18 years ago, it was not until now that people actually acknowledge its usability and functionality. Even though the traditional bar code is still popular, QR code certainly can outperform and be widely used in a very short time.


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