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At the moment, there is a significant number of apps failed when launched. This cruel reality has led many disillusioned app developers to conclude, often subconsciously, that succeeding on the App Store is like striking it rich in the gold rush: you just need to get lucky.

A/ Ideas


Don’t try to be Something you’re not

When you develop an app, you should start with an idea of what you want it to do and stick to that. Don’t try and add endless extra functionality. Focus on doing the best job on the core service that you intend to deliver. Simplicity is the key to a successful app, and if it all seems to be getting too complicated, chances are you’re doing it wrong.


B/ Design

1. Don’t Neglect Your Icon

The icon is most people’s first impression of your app. It also occupies a space on users’ precious home screen. The best icons are simple but memorable; they stand out without being garish. The icon should look beautiful at large sizes, yet iconic enough to be recognized within an app folder on the home screen.


Clear’s icon (left) stands out using a bright colour scheme and one simple shape. The icon on the right has too many conflicting colours and shapes to be recognizable or attractive.

2. Users are lazy

They don’t want to read instructions and they hate typing. The best apps figure out the absolute minimum the user needs to do for the app to function.

TripIt (left) is great but the opening screen offers little motivation for users to sign up. If an app works without an account, let users explore the app and sign up later

3. Visuals Matter

Beautiful apps sell better, are more enjoyable to use and feel more valuable than bland apps. Though beauty can be found in rich gradients, textures and shadows, strive for the subtler attributes of elegance, readability and tasteful layout.



1. Forgetting to utilize social media channels:

If you already have a presence in social media sites, why wouldn’t you market your app to existing followers/fans? And don’t forget to remind them from time to time that your app is available for download.

2.Forgetting to update your app with new content:

You don’t want to release your app only to never update it with new content. If you commit this mistake, other competitors will catch up or might take the lead with cooler app features and more relevant technology that users prefer.

3. Forgetting to respond to app users

Think of your app as another social network. And with any social network, fan interaction is important. For many apps, the only user feedback may be in the form of ratings. Use these rating to your advantage, they are end-users insights on how to improve your app, resulting in happier users and more downloads.

Hopefully, mobile developers or especially app developers may create stunning apps for themselves and bring best app values to end-users.

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