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Things you will like…

window 8

1. Synchronization

If you have two or more device that runs on window 8, your Windows Live ID will allow you to thoroughly synchronize the settings of your device. Microsoft also enables the option to turn on/off synchronization function at your own will.

2. The lively “Tile”

Metro interface consists of app icons called “Tile”. Unlike small and sometimes not very useful icons in Android or iOS, Tile proves to be handier when it shows you important information on the apps without you having to click on them to know.

3. Faster access to apps

With one click, “All Apps” will appear, and as its names show, many apps will be listed for you to access.

5. Smart search

For Windows 8, Microsoft gives you 3 search options: Apps, Settings and Files. You are even able to do searching within apps with this new Windows.

And…things you probably will dislike

1. Horizontal UI, vertical mouse scrolling

Unlike other versions, Windows 8 provides you with a horizontal user interface, which means in case you have many apps to browse, you will have to move from left to right, while your mouse is currently designed to scroll vertically.

2. Complicated access to running apps

There will be no “X” button or familiar taskbar like in previous versions of Windows for you to close your current apps.

3. Internet Explorer is a ‘must’

On Windows RT version of Windows 8, you are not allowed to install Firefox or Chrome. For those who hate Internet Explorer, too bad it’s your only option.

4. Traditional UI vs. Modern UI

The thing is, there are lots of apps that run well with their current versions of Windows, not on Windows 8. Users are not switching to the new UI until those apps are made available, while developers will not upgrade those apps for Windows 8 before they reach the desired number of users. Of course, users can switch back and forth between the old and the new UI, but it’s bothersome. Nobody likes complication.

So… you agree? Is there anything you want to add?

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