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Mobile devices, apps, and wearable technology have transformed healthcare and fitness over the past few years. According to Flurry Analytics, there was a 62% increase in the usage of healthcare apps over the half year of 2014 which proved that a trend of health and fitness apps has grown rapidly. With healthcare reform and more advanced data becoming available, mobile healthcare apps will not only see a growing number of users, but consumers also are increasingly relying on mobile applications to help them control their health and fitness.

Exercisers who use tech to support workouts consider themselves to be more successful at achieving their weight and fitness goals.

There is a challenge of changing your behaviour from eliminating bad habits to forming good ones. The very technology that is tethering us to our work, fortunately, can also help us to stay in shape by three following way.

Make fitness affordable and accessible to anyone with a smartphone

The innovation of technology has brought health and fitness field to the next level by giving everyone access to all types of workout activities in any type of environment. There’s a fitness app for everyone, everywhere.


To a great extent, people now are able to measure their progress accurately and join virtual gym classes without the crowds. And for the first time, personal training is available and affordable for everyone through free apps like Nike Training Club.

Create tools for measuring performance and tracking progress

The number of featured apps which are designed to help users measure calories and nutrition has increased recently. Apps provide us with an overview of the body changing process through doing exercise in real time. Wearables and mobile apps constantly detect and monitor pulse, blood glucose level, and other physiological parameters.


Today, more fitness devices and wearable accessories are being sold to help track physical progress and provide users with a throughout the view of their health such as Fitbit.

Build communities of individuals with similar fitness interests

Nowadays several fitness apps and wearables have included social features that allow everyone to keep each other motivated by sharing tips, routines, and experiences.

Fitbit, for instance, is putting social features as a key part of its viral growth and keeping people engaged more in its experience, adding the ability to share photos and connect with nearby communities of runners or workout organizers.

Build communities of individuals with similar fitness interests

Social has always been a critically important part of mobile apps. Successfully, fitness apps that built communities of like-minded users who share similar goals attracted millions of users in just a few years.

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