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The term ‘minimalist design’ appeared the first time a century ago and became a significant web design trend in many areas: arts, architecture, technical, and even film and games design.

In term of web design, the minimalist website refers to a site which is influenced by minimalism, either in its simple main elements, plain colour or clear layout. However, building a minimalist website requires experiences, creation and skills. This article suggests some tips that usually contribute to the success of an impressive minimalist website.

Find out and focus on the main elements


Finding the main elements is the core of successful minimalist web design. What the main elements of the website depend on each site’s purpose. For example, for a site of online service, the main element is the signup form includes a title, some inserting fields, and a submit button. Other elements that should be omitted from the input form are wordy introduction or explanation for each field or unnecessary information required. In any circumstances, never forget to adhere to minimalism’s rule: only the main element deserves being focused. You may have to think several times to give the final decision about such key elements. But it’s worthy.

Get the elements right

Together with the attractiveness of smart visual effect, the power of minimalism is hidden ideas and messages in design. Therefore, the next step when you finish choosing the main element and its supplement is to get them right. They should be managed, arranged and decorated in the manner that makes them effectively convey the message sent from the site owner to the visitors. The rule of minimalism is so simple: use the smallest number of elements possible to achieve the final purpose.

Spend time on typography

No one denies that, on a minimal website, there always is a well-designed short sentence, phrase or word dominate the screen. Their responsibility is to catch the visitor’s attention. How can they do that without good typography? Please ignore the fact that Arial is the most common font in many cases. In minimalist web design, using Arial or other similar simple fonts is such a failure.

Get familiar with whitespace

Get familiar with whitespace for a minimalist Web Design @Savvycom

As a result of omitting many unnecessary elements, large whitespace appears on the minimalist website. Whitespace may annoy greenhorns with the idea that every piece of HTML real estate needs to be occupied by something, and they find it’s difficult when designing a minimalist website. The point is that whitespace should be accepted, or the site will no longer be minimalist.

In summary, the nature of minimalist web design is art, and no matter how the tips are detailed, they are not smart enough to ensure a successful minimalist website. If you are eager to design an effective minimalist website, let’s give it your time, your creation and persistence as much as possible.

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