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As technology has become indispensable to our lives, there are emerging needs for many kinds of applications that developers should fulfil, especially in mobile development. To create an outstanding app comparing to competitors, it’s very important for mobile developers to consider the current demands of customers so that they could have a basic understanding of what they need. Hereby are some mobile app trends that we listed base on users’ needs to give you a general look at what is going on in the mobile app market these days.

Cross-platform mobile applications

Every company nowadays demands multiplatform app architecture to make themselves more accessible and look more professionals. The number of multiplatform apps is increasing so steadily and quickly that people said: “multiplatform is the future”.

However, in order to create an app that can be accessed from different platforms, companies will need application development tools to support a “3X3” model: three important platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) and three application architecture (native, hybrid and mobile web). The increasing demand of multi-platform has been followed by a different trend relating to it which is HTML5.


iHeartLocal is one successful SAVVYCOM cross-platform app. Running on both iOS and Android, iHeartLocal gets 5 stars rated over Appstore and Google Play with ultimate satisfaction from users. The exquisite App has been bridging huge users with one of the top trustworthy referral networks.



HTML5 is a popular development platform used for building rich and interactive web pages and web application across multiple browsers and OS platforms. “Write once, run anywhere”, that’s why it has received a lot of favours from developers. Research shows that there are up to 52% mobile developers that use HTML5 to develop their cross-platform app, and there are more than 65% of them have used HTML5 more than once.

The advantage of HTML5 is undeniable, as its development cost is 30-90% lower than any other language. However, HTML5 also has some weak points. It could be fragmented, immature or exposed to security risks if not used in the right kind of app. Therefore, it needs a good hand to take care of. Despite some challenges, if companies can obtain the advantages of HTML5 and minimize drawbacks, it would help saving cost and bring many different opportunities.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology has been a trend mobile development and is expected to be in the top list for the next following year. The need for storing and access data online from multiple devices is more than ever, therefore, app developer should satisfy that need by focusing on integrating and synchronizing all data from one to another device. It would be more convenient for users to access the app information with the same functionality and content.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a term that indicates a group of devices having the ability to connect with each other through the internet and the outside world to implement a particular function. The idea of IoT (Internet of Things) was invented by scientist Kevin Ashton since 1999. Despite having existed for a long time, its application was really hard to put into real life because the IT infrastructure at that time was limited and it would take the tremendous human effort to collect and analyze such a large amount of data in a short period of time.

However, later on, the invention of Big Data and Cloud Technology has made IoT became possible. IoT products that have been developed widespread in many areas from a building and home automation, smart manufacturing, automotive, wearable devices to healthcare. Home furniture, clothes, glasses and wristbands, for instance, are now becoming “smarter”, more practical with the ability to retrieve, process and send data.

jioJio Health – a healthcare app developed by Savvycom as an example, it enables a user to synchronise data related to their activity, weight, blood pressure at any time by connecting with smart fitness devices such as Jawbone, Fitbit and medical devices from iHealthLabs such as the wireless scale and blood pressure monitor.

Big Data and Analytics apps


With the increasing real-life approach of these two technologies in electronic gadgets, smartphones and wearable devices, it is no doubt that next year would be the year of big data and app analytics. As the mobile app is becoming more popular, it is very important that app developers make sure that their user’s experience maintains at high rates.

It’s the step that app analytics and big data come into practice. Its analytical tools can give the developer a more critical look at what to do to improve their app. Therefore, successful mobile app development is unable to implement without app analytics or big data.

Mobile Banking, Payment and M-Commerce


All of us have experienced the convenience of mobile banking, payment and M-Commerce at least once in our lives. Research shows that there are 19% of commercial sales are happening through smartphone or tablet. As the convenience it brings, money transaction through a smartphone is becoming more popular.

Today, enterprises who don’t implement these smart payment techniques would be considered as less competitive to rivals. In addition, money transaction via a smartphone can save businesses a large amount of time and labour cost as everything works automatically. With regards to customers, they can also save a lot of time by proceeding transaction in an app without having to go to the destination. Therefore, it would be really a waste if mobile developers stay out of this potential opportunity and leave a big hole in customer demands.

Enterprise Application

Enterprise app market is also another amazing opportunity that mobile developers shouldn’t ignore. IDC predicted that 35% of big enterprises will develop their own mobile application development platforms for building and deploying mobile apps. There is an increasing need for an internal mobile app in many companies, which would facilitate their staff members are conveniently working and accessing companies resources from their smartphones in a timely manner from anywhere.

For example, an internal email app on each of the employee’s phone not only helps employees to check and respond to email easily but also allow a company to have greater control over internal and external communication of their staff. As the need is surging, mobile developers will definitely get many chances to work on applications for this growing market.

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