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App design is a world of endless creativity and movement. It never stops changing and transforming. Designers around the world incessantly try to upgrade their design to make it more beautiful and practical to users. Here are some mobile design trends in 2016.

Some trends may would last, some trends may would fade away. Regardless of what will happen, for now, our list of top mobile design trends 2016 could be handy suggestions for mobile designers who want to create an app that is unique and interactive to users. Let’s take a look:


While reformistic style is emerging in the web design world, mobile design is turning to minimalism. Instead of big and bold colour, the soft and subtle colour will be used more often. This matter may confuse you, as a flashy button tend to draw more attraction than a less flashy one. But if we use too many flashy buttons with different colours on a mobile screen, it would become a distracting element. Furthermore, too much bold colours could hurt your eyes.

Luckily, all of those problems would be solve with subtle colours. A screen with soft colour buttons not only ease our eyes but also help designers to level the information and allow users to focus on the most important one. With subtle colour palettes, the interactive rate between users and the app would increase, and flat design would be optimized.

However, soft colour may not be easy to deal with. Designers should determine a range of colour that would harmonize together in a palette. If not, your app would easily become messy. A helpful source of the soft colour palette is – a website that combines all kind of colour that Apple has used since iOS 7. Android’s new Material Design Color, Simple Map Location Guide Tools can also be very handy.

jio heath mobile app

Design of Jio Health application is a great example of how Savvycom embraces this trend by using pastel colours to create a harmonious design.

Animated elements mobile design As mobile app now is in dire need of more interaction with users, animation becomes a creative option to attract attention. Animation makes the mobile app more fun and lively; therefore creates excitement in users every time they interact with it. With a realistic, flexible and personal approach, animated elements are definitely something that every designer should consider adding in their works.

To make an app that really stands out from others, purely visual may not enough anymore. iOS and Android have taken steps in using animation in several of their apps. However, adding too many animated elements may not be a wise option. Animated elements should only be used when we are sure that it will make the app simpler to understand and boost interactions. Otherwise, it could become meaningless, disoriented and unreal. After all, an app is an app, not a cartoon.

Storytelling mobile design 2

Putting too much text in the content is taboo in Mobile Design. There is no doubt that designers would use more pictures, colours, and typography to emphasize their content instead of using text. Storytelling is a method that combines all of those three in a well-prepared order that creates a personalized experience and effectively enhances user’s interactions. To do storytelling, colours and pictures must be carefully chosen, and typography must be carefully designed as well.

With the right kind of font and text colour, typography helps to organize content and make everything easier to absorb. Typography is so inevitable in App Design that Apple and Google have provided platforms that enable legible typography compatible with different devices. As a result, storytelling has become a more popular designing style. Read more: How to capture customer’s attention based on your brand story?


mobile design 6

The gesture has been a frequent thing in mobile design for a long time. Smartphones and Tablets’ screen is getting bigger and bigger, therefore users would find it harder to press a button in the menu screen by their hands. Adding more gesture not only simplifies users’ interaction, but also provides a richer and more exciting experience. Beside traditional gestures, designers are adding Extracting, Dividing, Adding features, etc, in their gesture list to make sure user interface become more minimalistic than ever.

Additionally, it would be a mistake if we don’t mention Scrolling as a trendy gesture in 2015. Scrolling was taken to another level in web design, but we have seen designers taking it one step further in the mobile world. Parallax Scrolling is a perfect tool to optimize the effect of animation and storytelling. Modular and Infinite scrolling could enrich the user experience and add depth to the app itself. Either way, Scrolling is definitely worth being noted in the list of every mobile designer in the world.

Blurred background mobile design 8

The picture above is the illustration for the application, which is design by Savvycom, of famous restaurant chain Moo Beef Steak. Blurred background plays a vital role in creating this elegant and effective design.

Besides using soft colours to attract users’ attention, Blurred Background can also be a useful trick. It could lead the eye to focus only on the important elements (as those elements are more bold and flashy than the background) and ignore the others (which are all blurred). This aesthetic application can create a visually pleasing design, a feeling of simple and clean, but the content is still very informative. Blurred Background can be pretty handy when designers do storytelling in their work.

There are still many more potential design approaches that would make our trend list this year. But no matter what approach is, it all focuses on enhancing the user’s experience and their interaction with the apps as the audience’s demand. Our advice for designers is to make an App with a deep concern about what features to put in, as it’s one of the most important determinants of a mobile app success: “Right features can ensure that an app is eye-catching and simplistic while still managing to fit in relevant content and features without becoming too congested.”

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