Vietnam – an emerging destination for IT Outsourcing

Vietnam is in the Top Global services location

In the global market, IT outsourcing industry has been expanded and developed rapidly over several previous decades. And in Vietnam where IT outsourcing has been developed speedily in the last 15 years, the industry has nurtured many world-leading companies and is attracting more and more large corporations to move their operation to the country.

Since the biggest and most matured markets probably can’t fit all, the trend has actually been moving from the mature destination like India, Ukraine, etc. to emerging ones where vendors earn more cost effectiveness while the markets are more flexible to clients’ demands and requests.

Vietnam is an Asia tier emerging market locationVietnam is in the Top Global services location

Talking about Vietnam, it’s not only about the historical war, about the country’s beauty spots any more, here, we also present a tech-savvy generation with exceptional specialised skills that could transfer Vietnam into a leading IT service provider to the global outsourcing market.

Savvycom's backdrop and standee at VNITO

Savvycom’s backdrop and standee at VNITO

If you haven’t heard and recognised this potential destination, this year will give you a great chance. As the biggest event for IT outsourcing in Vietnam, Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference, VNITO, will be held on 15-16 Oct 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City with the main theme “Vietnam – An Emerging  Destination for IT Outsourcing”.

And this year 2015, the conference aims to attract more than 150 multi-national and high-tech companies from over 20 countries, plus 200+ Vietnamese leading software companies, and more than 20 IT universities’ delegates. With the vibrant growth in IT industry in the last couple years, this conference can really create an effective business matching platform for international buyers and Vietnamese IT Outsourcing vendors. In a moment, buyers can hesitate. But you actually shouldn’t be:

  • Big guys in different industries have made their first steps into this markets. They are IBM, Electronics, Microsoft (Nokia), Samsung, Intel, LG, Canon, Panasonic… moving their operational factories to Vietnam over the last 10 years. They are HP, Cisco, Boeing, Sony, Sharp, Deutsche Bank, … outsourcing R&D to Vietnam.
  • We have 40k+ IT graduated annually, plus 290+ universities and colleges with ICT training program, and have the ability to solve tough and complicated technological jobs.
  • You will earn the #1 cost effectiveness in Vietnam (Tower Watson, Services Offshoring Ranking 2013)
  • And benefit from strong government support.

As one of the top 30 leading IT companies (recognised by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association in 2014), Savvycom is actively participating the conference to boost the image of Vietnam IT outsourcing to the world.


This is a great opportunity, and on be half of Savvycom Software, I would be very excited to meet you there in October 2015.

Let’s come and meet at the our booth No 7 during th event. We would love to talk!

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