Ways to Make Money from Mobile Applications




This may be the most tempting way to make money for mobile application developer, who expects to get their money back and see the result right away. The only demerit of it is that it requires great effort to market it. The fact that no users want to pay for the apps is that they do not know anything about it and how good the apps are if they do not have the chance to try it. So, unless users have a free trial, or they really in need of this apps, they won’t pay money for it.

Premium model

Let’s try putting developer’s foot in the users’ shoes. No one likes to pay money when knowing nothing about what they are going to buy. So, free apps are a win-win situation for both users and developers.  Once the users try the apps and they like it, they do not mind upgrading their account to premium. As a consequence, developers can get money from premium accounts for more features like bigger upload capacity, no ads for paid version…

In-app purchase

The developers can sell many items in these so-called free apps including virtual goods, and subscription. Take Zynga game for example, users should buy token or some virtual goods, or they can ask their friends in the game, but this is quite time-consuming, so instead of waiting, users just need to buy it.


An example for this kind of method, Noom, a weight loss coaching app.


By displaying ads for other company or other mobile apps, mobile development companies can get money from these companies. Displaying these banner apps on top or bottom of the apps while waiting for playing the apps or between game levels is the most common way of this method. However, this method now does not be preferred due to its distraction and the developers can lose their users.


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9 thoughts on “Ways to Make Money from Mobile Applications

  1. Bill Weiss

    Which is best method? What is your choice? How you make money your apps on google play.

  2. David Ogletree

    Premium model, Advertising are my favorite choices. It helps me earn so much money.
    Then, if you want to test it, just give a try.

  3. Danny Dekker

    I use Premium Model method. I create a free app, then people are free to download, install and play it. However, they get a membership account, but it’s limited features. So if they want to experience this app in a crazy way, then they need to pay more money for premium account. Wow, it’s working. So I agree with your idea about this.

  4. Jody Nesbitt

    Advertising is always best choice for making money from a mobile app. ” By displaying ads for other company or other mobile apps, mobile development companies can get money from these companies”, another name of this method like Pay Per Install or Pay Per Click.

  5. Somone El

    In-app purchase is a good idea for making money with your apps. How many people download your app, How much you get money from them.
    Make and earn. Do that.

  6. Liew CheonFong

    Make money with mobile apps is so easy. I earn more from my apps. Just make a perfect apps, publish it on google play, reach to people who want to download it. And bump.

  7. Ryan Logan

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  8. Kamlesh Drolia

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