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Despite being considered the nearest-to-perfect smartphone and possessing leading smartphone sales figures every year, the iPhone still lacks some features compared to its competitor. If its shortcomings are improved in the future, iPhone will strengthen its position in the market even better.

Lack of customization function

This is an area by which Android phones can claim their advantages against iPhones. Unlike Android phones that provide the users with a high level of customization and numerous useful widgets, iPhone screen is designed in quite a simple way. Of course, the case is different if you jailbreak your iPhone.

Lack of shortcuts

There’s no way a user can turn on/off Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode or reset screen brightness in one touch. To those who interact with these functions a lot, such shortcoming is real trouble.

iphone products of apple

Apple’s iPhone products

Bluetooth transfer

To those who love sharing images or music with their friends, Bluetooth transfer is a problem, especially when their friends don’t own an iPhone. Quite inconvenient, right?

Default browser

Safari is good. But to some users, Chrome is useful in not only their PC but also their iPhone, resulting in quite a high amount of iPhone users using Chrome. However, Apple doesn’t allow its users to change their default web browser.

Do you agree with what I’ve listed above? Is there anything else that you’re not satisfied with your iPhone? Tell me now!

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