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You have already known how to create an eye-catching mobile site, but that’s not enough to deliver a meaningful site. What’s left to make it complete is the content part. There are five things to make a complete mobile site:

1. Simplicity

Since a mobile screen is much, much smaller than a desktop/laptop screen, there’s no way you transfer the exact amount of information from a full-screen site to a mobile site. Keep it simple, prioritize the most critical information so that the users know what to do with the site.

2. Friendly UI

One thing to keep in mind is that touch-screen phones have no mouse pointers, they work with thumbs instead; therefore, space between links is necessary. Moreover, as it is easier to tap the bottom of the screen when holding a touch-screen device, you may consider moving the navigation from the top to the bottom position. Read more: Are you ready for the change of Google mobile friendly algorithm

3. Contextual relevance

List the types of information that users tend to search and place them somewhere convenient, like in the front or centre.

mobile-sites attractive guide

How to create an attractive mobile site?

4. Loading speed

More than 2/3 of mobile users expect a mobile site that loads either equally fast as or faster than a full-screen site. Make sure you do your best to maximize the loading speed of your size, for instance, reduce image/video size or keep an eye on performance statistics for further improvement.

5. Interaction

Customers who visit your website through their mobile phone are highly interesting ones, so remember to provide an interaction method from your mobile site, something like an address, directions or online purchases.

Together with the article on how to create a visually attractive mobile site, I hope that this one will give you some useful tips so that you create your own optimal mobile site. If you have a new idea, why not start now?

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