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“iOS 7.1 – The most advanced mobile OS keeps advancing”. Definitely, the recent release of Apple’s iOS 7.1 software update did bring with it a number of improvements, bug fixes and new features. Let’s look through several key advanced additions:

1. Introducing Apple Car-play in iOS 7.1


It’s really a stunning feature in this latest iOS version Car-play allows you to connect your iOS device to your car, bringing Apple Maps, GPS, Phone calling, iMessage and many other things to you while you are driving.

2. More iTunes Radio stations

You have a wider range of choices for your music time, especially now you can purchase albums form iTunes radio.

3. “Smarter” Siri


A variety of enhancements to Apple’s virtual personal assistant, Siri are also included in iOS 7.1. Speaking to Siri, you can hold down the home button to begin talking and when you’re done, release the home button. Then Siri is automatically able to notice you finished talking. 4. HDR (High-dynamic-range imaging) auto:



You now no longer have to consider when exactly to use HDR thanks to an HDR auto mode enabled by Apple. Unfortunately, this feature is exclusive to the iPhone 5S. We do hope to see it in future generations of the iPhone and maybe iPad. 5. Updated look and feel

iOS 7.1feature4.docx


Now users can experience the newest refinements to the iOS 7 interface 6. More convenient calendar

iOS 7.1feature5


Apple decided to refresh its Calendar app for iOS 7.1 by adding a new list toggle. You can now see events happening on different days within month view. Besides, as a result of national differences, Apple made a decision to add country-specific holidays for many other countries.

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