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Ruby on Rails 4 comes with plenty of new stuff. Still the ideas themselves would have never been fully realized without the specialists in the IT field working for the good of Ruby on Rails development.

Here are just several of brand new features Ruby on Rails 4 obtains:

  • A lot of warnings are fixed as well as the broken bills are mended properly. The unneeded code is also removed, so the program now works faster.
  • The new set of documental patches is now available.
  • The old-style insecure protection is now replaced with the brand new protected attributes gem.
  • The Active Record issues got completely new attention as the main part of open issues in Ruby.
  • New GitHub notifications are waiting to stream into your inbox.
  • The new line of documentation features along with new options in tickets and code is available.
  • The engines and Action Pack of Ruby feature the remarkable work done.
  • The guides are now converted from Textile to Markdown.
  • All possible bugs in codes, fronts, docs and issues are fixed

Ruby on Rails 4 features’s-Best-Friend

The main secret of incredible success Ruby on Rails 4 obtains is in its usage of ”convention over configuration,” where the naming of the variable item will lead to the same naming of the corresponding column as well. This makes Ruby on Rails the tremendous case for prototyping. Find more about our services: web application development services

You can use the advantages of Ruby on Rails development in order to devote to data catalogues and table storing. The ways it works can be seen on web applications like Basecamp, Backcamp, and Campfire from 37Signals, schedules, debates, discussions etc. where you get a chance to format the tables and display only the needed information.

A lot of sites originally constructed on JRuby ( an implementation of the Ruby programming language atop the Java Virtual Machine) are now duplicated in Java in its JVM version. This enables users to work with all benefits of JVM and get a high variety of production-level deployments for all kinds of concurrent users.

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